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I offer a seven week, one on one, intensive package that gets to the root of your blockage and opens you to be the woman you came to earth to be.





“I wanted to say thank you for some of the most profound work I have ever experienced with a teacher. So much growing, expanding in consciousness, loving myself and others, has occurred in the last couple months and it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Thank you for helping me realize my inner Goddess, her immense power and our incredible healing capacity!”



“Working with Amy was amazing! Ever since I was a teenager I have thought something was deeply wrong with me sexually. I remember kissing boys when I was in high school and I didn’t feel anything at all. Afterwards I would feel so sad and I thought something in me was broken. The past the year, I have been on a healing sexual journey and have learned a lot about my body. But after a year I still hadn’t experienced an orgasm from penetration and I could feel there were internal blocks to me letting go and receiving. I had pain and tenderness with sex. I really deeply wanted the experience of having an orgasm with a partner. That’s how I came to Amy. I told her I wanted to learn to use a yoni egg. She was so helpful and informative. I bought a crystal egg from her and we had a session so I could learn to use it. We did breathing work and I felt that she was very calm and kind and knowledgeable. I liked how I could tell she was passionate about tantra and really believed in what she taught but she didn’t push tantra as being the right or only way and she emanated this very accepting and loving energy. It was very grounded and simple and profound. I have been using my yoni egg for a few weeks now and I have been having the most beautiful experience! I already feel like I have so much more sensitivity in sex and in my tantra practice with my partner, I have increased my awareness tenfold very quickly. I also made a lot more money this month than normal which I feel is connected because that is another block I am focusing on working through with my practice.  It is so nice to have a daily practice dedicated to my own pleasure and healing that I can do on my own. I am learning a lot about self love and being a woman. Thank you Amy for supporting me in this. I will definitely continue working with her in the future and can’t wait to see what will unfold in my career and sex life.”



“Your work with me opened my eyes to many emotions I hold onto.  I appreciate you helping me realize them, grow and experience what the beginning of personal success feels like. Seeing you in your power is inspiring, and I hope to shed the blocks and fully be my realized self.”