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A creative at heart, Amy Jindra moved to New York City from her native Texas in 2015, ready to take her computer aided design and interior design skills to the next level by pursuing an architecture degree. After a sudden, rough divorce and the death of her mother, Amy was ready, after all, for much-needed change. Little did she know that change would come in the form of tantra.

Having experienced body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression over the years, in addition to an unstable home life and childhood sexual trauma at the hands of a trusted church member, nothing has helped Amy heal her traumatic wounds more than tantra. She began learning about the ancient practice while attending All Nations Bible Institute in Dickinson, Texas. That passion grew after having discovered tantra expert Psalm Isadora whose style of teaching forced Amy to acknowledge her painful past so that she could live a vibrant life. Not only has tantra connected Amy to her body, it has – in her words – “given me access to my own power as a woman, as a teacher and an artist.”

After several work related projects fell through and interest in getting an architecture degree dissipated after she moved to the east coast, Amy felt that she needed to explore other avenues. She bravely listened to her intuition, started to work for non-profits, traveled and took the time to discover where she wanted her life to be.

Now on a mission to share tantric knowledge, Amy takes great pride in helping others operate at their full potential and teaches all of over the world. An author who has written poetry and will soon release a book chronicling her life story, Amy is also the VP of Development and Fundraising for the non profit The Magic of Psalm