Eclipses and Moons


“Remember that time you sold your dining table so you could get your pussy waxed?” – my bff today

My life is full of wild experience.
I make the rules.
When I get stuck, I break my rules.
I let myself be wild. Hell, it’s gotten me this far.
Even this photo shoot was en route to moving to China. I had 2 suit cases and a wild idea.

This new moon and eclipse is no joke, especially since my moon is in Cancer.
How I don’t drown, is I play.
Let myself be wild, say NO, dance to everything, send dirty text messages, growl and writhe and plot.
Yesterday I was feeling low, so I practiced my best Dolly Parton lip sync to “Why’d You Come In Here” to surprise my girlfriend when she got home.
Today I’m not putting clothes on.
Tomorrow I’m leaving on an adventure with my lover.

The energies are intense. Bringing up feminine wounds, emotional floods, karmic choices, and if we’re not careful, we can get swept away.

On this new moon,
write a dirty poem in your journal, dance naked, yell “Fuck” at the top of your lungs and flirt with anyone that walks past you.
Let yourself feel the power of wild. Break the rules.

In my Moon Group we will be harnessing water energy and healing our ancestors. Stay tuned xx

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