Leonard Cohen wrote “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

It’s beautiful, it’s profound, it’s blatantly misused.
Today more people than ever want to live a conscious life. They are searching for purpose instead of status, meaning instead of riches. Which is fantastic. But what happens when spiritual principles get thrown around without being shown the spiritual path?
It creates a shiny facade of ways to look spiritual, and a glaring gap between where you are and where you think you should be. A rift between yourself and your “higher self”.
I should know, I’ve beaten myself up plenty over who I really am and how I think the world wants me to be. Especially the world of spirituality.
The conscious marketing of “making our wounds our purpose” has manipulated and bankrupt so many. You see, when I began the journey of healing my wounds holistically, I was inadvertantly sold that my purpose is now to help others release these wounds. I was then told that being a spiritual teacher is not how you make money, it’s teaching teachers. It’s creating a school of people who can learn the watered down techniques that you just paid for.
It lead to a lot of suffering, and eventually landing back to the place I came from. Heal myself, but be lead by my heart.
We’re born on this earth already GOOD. Our genius is already encoded in us. The things that we’re good at need to be practiced and honed, but not bought and packaged. Most of the time, our purposeis not a thing, it’s a path. The certain flair that you bring into the world. Your signature.
Don’t get me wrong, I continue to teach. Yet, the shift for me was relating to what I am naturally good at. Focusing on that. Honing it. And then sharing it.
Our wound is not our purpose
We all have tons of wounds, we’re human. We have to stop over identifying with our pain, letting people swoop in and monetize on it. Identify with what you’re good at. What lights you up, makes you feel alive.
Want to know my huge purpose in life?
I create beauty.
That can be through writing, moon circles, dancing naked in the desert, or simply the seasons I sprinkle on my chicken. My purpose is to create beauty.
It’s not as complicated as I would like it to be. It’s not as hard as I think it should be. Nor did I need my pain to find it or to validate it.
Life automatically comes with pain. Stop protecting your wounds and facilitating them, creating your identity around them. Let them heal. And let yourself identify with what feels good. It’s a softer side to healing. It’s the beauty of being a human.

Join myself and Carisa Banuelos for a live 4 week journey www.thesexualself.org


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