Divine Sisterhood


sisterhoodI have been blessed in my life with Divine Sisterhood.

I forget how much women need it. How we need each other. We need to be held, be seen. How much our magic awakens, our power roars and our tears and joy flows when we’re together in a sacred space.

I’ve had many lives as a priestess, as a prostitute, as a leader. In this life I am called to share the knowledge, through sisterhood.

Join me June 13th for a powerful ritual in the new moon of Gemini. This ritual will connect us back to our soul’s communication, call in your beloved soul partnership, and clear away the baggage you’ve been carrying for too long.

This four week journey is only open to 4 women.

We will dive deep into Goddess Worship, ritual, healing,  Tantric principles and cosmic guides. There is so much energy around us, welcoming us to join in a sacred place and unlock our power.

If you’re called to join this work, please schedule a call at:


If you schedule a call by June 6, I will send you a divine Goddess meditation and ritual for abundance, beauty and prosperity.

Much Love,