We Speak

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Don’t get me wrong, I do yell and scream. Stomp my feet and grit my teeth.
But when it comes to making lasting change and being heard on a deep level, compassion is my path.
I’d like to share with you my honest opinion of #metoo.
As a coach who works with sexual abuse and trauma survivors, expression is important.
Feeling the connection of not being alone is profoundly healing.

To move from emotion to expression to healing to action is my formula of power.
Reading posts, many people don’t understand abuse or the darkness or the symptoms and it rips me up inside. But I am reminded to stay patient and open.

As I was telling a journalist yesterday, data is gold.

The numbers on sexual violence and abuse are inaccurate because we don’t talk about it.
Our judicial system is broken when it comes to sex crime investigations- if you have experienced reporting a sex crime, my heart goes out to you. It is traumatizing.
Many state workers are improperly trained or overworked to handle such delicate matters.

Our school systems are lacking a comprehensive sexual education system. Knowledge is power. The more we know about ourselves and our bodies, the less in the dark we will be and the less tragedies will be inflicted.

Our society as a whole is hungry for this knowledge, but have very little access to healthy sexuality. Why do you think sex sells? Because we are looking for a piece of ourselves and will pay anything for it.
#metoo is opening up a conversation I’ve been begging to have for years.

I ask that people keep in mind that just because reported sexual abuse and crimes are shown to be from men, many of my clients (and myself) have suffered abuse, trauma and harassment from women.

I ask that you start a conversation, without a point, without a goal, but to just open it up.
We don’t have to yell, but we do have to speak.

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