Why Tantra and Sound?


Tantra helped me heal my mind, body, soul wounds through radical self love and deep connection.
Traditionally in tantra it is said to be a spiritual awakening through mantra (a word or sound repeated), tantra (rituals, disciplines and meditations) and yantra (a visual tool for meditation).
Teaching a modern version of Kundalini Tantra I have seen incredible results with clients and with students. I have seen people change physically. Their skin is brighter, their eyes more open, their posture stronger and their face more relaxed and youthful in a very short time.
Tantra is not the easiest path. It’s confronting and takes not only rewiring your brain patterns, but choosing to not fall back into old cycles and actions. My teaching falls into mental, physical, energetic and emotional levels and that is why I like to unravel these wounds slowly and have a practice in place for people to feel comfortable letting go of old traumas, memories and patterns.
It can be heavy. Even as a teacher I would feel heavy after certain sessions and releases people had. If I weren’t on top of my game, I could easily take on these people’s pains and energies and have a hard time removing them.
One Thursday, I had a tough session with a client. It was a quick and overwhelming release a client had, and I couldn’t get rid of these emotions, memories and sensations that weren’t mine. So I went to a sound bath and immediately these energies dissipated. I felt clean again.
So the next week, I had a yoni egg in and had a beautiful ritual for myself just before another sound bath. This time, I didn’t just feel clean. I felt ecstasy. Waves of Shakti, blissful energy rolled through my body and my spine began to undulate in pleasure. I couldn’t help but moan as singing bowls and instruments pulled this bliss through my chakras.
And it hit me- this healing works with Shakti energy. You can have a spiritual awakening and instant healing with tantra and sound.
So my partner, Maraliz and I, began to test this. The results were incredible. It was a gentle and tender way of awakening someone’s Kundalini and healing energy.
We began using singing bowls, bells, tuning forks and our voices to awaken this energy and move it. Nada yoga is the oldest form of yoga. The system’s theoretical and practical aspects are based on the premise that the entire cosmos and all that exists in the universe, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called nada.
This healing vibration releases trauma, heals old wounds and engages radical self love in a gentle and tender way. We found a combination of tantra and sound that caused immediate shifts and healings.
Maraliz and I are proud to share what we’ve discovered and continue to practice in our lives.
Tantra is about engaging all 5 of your senses so we want to share these tools in a beautiful and healing environment. If you’re free Saturday, June 10 or Sunday, June 11 we’d love to share this with you at Harrison Farms:
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