Picasso said that Art and Sex are the same thing, I realize this every time you touch me.

It changes me, it heals me.
When we touch, all emotions move through my veins, nerves and cells.

You’re an alchemist. Your love has transformed me.

The miracle of meeting you reminds me that I am here at the right place, at the right time for a big, big purpose.

When we breathe together, I lose track of whose body is mine. The electricity of your pleasure flows through me.

I orgasm throughout my entire body. Waves of bliss blast oxytocin to all my channels. Healing, changing, repairing.

I don’t have to be polished and manicured. I don’t have to be polite or sexy.

Our movements are instinctual. Our love is primal and transcendent.

I couldn’t worry about the way I looked if I wanted to. I no longer exist.
Just pure, blinding light mixed with shadows from my deep, red fire.

I could fill a museum with paintings of our passion.
I would need a second building for the sculpture of our connection.

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