Wild Woman


I want to become the fire.

I want to sway my hips, look people deep in the soul and always keep my fire.

I want to be too much.

Shake the furniture. I want to question everything and learn as much as I can.

I want transformation and experimentation.

I want to be ripe and gushing.

I want transcendence.

I want to transform anything I touch.

I move with ease and intention. I wake up everyday to love and beauty.

I am unapologetic. I am wild. I am fire.


My mother greyed around 50. I remember begging her to dye her hair to look younger. She sat me down and explained “I earned my grey hair. It represents wisdom, experience and a new cycle in my life.”

It clicked for me.

I recently found my first grey hair. Near my forehead, front and center. I can’t stop looking at it. It excites me. It represents the beginning of my wisdom.

I long for when our culture sees the value in old women. The importance of each cycle in life. The knowledge and calm of deep waters. I wish to see women not holding their tongues or their passion. Embracing their intuition and fiery sides. Not embarrassed to dance when they are moved, cry without abandon. Laugh with their heads thrown back and eyes clenched, booming with power.

Women not afraid to fall in love completely, with a mate or with themselves.

That world would see more miracles, more love, more healing.

I’m ready to be wild.



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