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This is different from try situations in which a player, in attempting to recover from a position of disadvantage, does not have direct access to the ball. If the striker stops play as a result of slight racquet contact with the opponent, who is making every effort to clear, the Referee shall allow a let. G12 Significant or Deliberate Physical contact. The ball may be warmed up by either player during any interval in the match.

Allow time to staunch bleeding, cover wound or change clothing. Where each game is to nine points, the player who scores nine points wins the game, except that on the score reaching eight-all the receiver shall choose, before the server delivers the next service to continue that game either to nine points known as “Set one” or to eleven points known as “Set three”.

A player may only concede one game for one second interval. The person given overall responsibility for all marking and refereeing matters throughout the tournament, including the appointment and replacement of Officials to matches. The Appeals Referee takes no part in control of the match unless there is an appeal by one of the players against a decision of the Referee or the Appeals Referee is certain the Referee has made an error in allowing play to continue.

The receiver shall in either case clearly indicate this choice to the Marker, Referee and the opponent. The Marker shall call services and returns that are not good as soon as they occur using the appropriate call, thereby stopping the rally. One hour Allot time If the striker stops play gyr of the opponent not granting this freedom and appeals, the Referee shall consider following options:.

In those zasdy the Referee may give a concise explanation following the decision. The full procedure for testing balls to the above specification is available from the WSF.

To advise a player ww an offence committed under Rule 17 and that the Referee is giving a warning. To indicate each time it occurs that the server requires one point to win the match. Application of the Conduct Stroke becomes the result of the rally.

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To avoid interference, the opponent must try to provide the player with unobstructed direct access to the ball, a fair view of the ball, space to complete a swing at the ball and freedom to play the ball directly to any part of the front zasadj. The period from the time a player becomes server until becoming receiver.


In addition, on courts which are not fully enclosed, the ball has passed over the out line and out of the court without touching any wall or, if no out line is provided, passed over any wall and out of the court. After winning a rally the server then continues serving from the alternate box. The Referee shall apply Rule 17 when this occurs.

The slowest speed of balls intended for elite players and Championship usage may if required be identified by a double yellow dot. This position frequently occurs after the ball has hit the side wall and the front wall simultaneously and then rebounds into the middle of the court.

As long as the opponent does not prevent a reasonable swing, a let is the appropriate decision. In order to prevent one player from gaining an unfair rest interval through a change of equipment, the Referee, before allowing a player to leave the court to make the change, shall be satisfied that there has indeed been a material deterioration of the equipment.

To indicate that an otherwise good service or return has struck the floor before reaching the front wall or has struck the board or tin.

If player unable to continue award the injured player the match. The preference for another racquet, or a different pair of shoes where no physical deterioration is evident, is not sufficient reason for the player to change that equipment. A player, unable to stop bleeding within the total time the Referee permits, shall either concede one game to gain a further 90 seconds and then continue play without bleeding, or concede the match.

For an injury not involving bleeding, it must be decided whether the injury was either caused by the opponent or self inflicted or contributed to by both players. At eight-all the receiver non-server has to choose to play either to nine points known as “Set One” or to ten points known as “Set Two”. The complete contest between two players, commencing with the warm-up and concluding at the end of the final rally.

In the latter case the Referee shall allow a let, unless the player appeals for a let because of interference in which case the Referee shall apply Rule It is also recommended that balls for beginners and improvers conform generally to the rebound resilience figures below. A backswing is reasonable if it is not excessive. Players may leave the court during these intervals but must be ready to play prior to the expiry of the second interval.


The expression used to indicate that a player did not strike the ball in accordance with the Rules. Yellow dot balls which are used at World Championships or at similar standards of play must meet the above specifications but additional subjective testing will be carried out by the WSF with players of the identified standard to determine the suitability of the nominated ball for Championship usage.

The striker may, because of interference, stop play and appeal. Re-formatted with new subsections. After the server delivers a good service, the players return the ball alternately until one fails to make a good return, the ball otherwise ceases to be in play in accordance with the rules, a player appeals, or the Marker or Referee makes a call.

The standards must be met for competitive play as required by the appropriate National Governing Body of Squash. A championship tournament, league or other competitive match.

The decision of the Referee shall be final. In that case a player must appeal immediately after the rally. The Referee shall permit recovery time for bleeding according to Rule If a player drops a racquet without colliding with the opponentthe Referee shall allow the rally to continue under most circumstances.

– Oficjalne zasady gry w wersji angielskiej

However, the act of turning or of recovering for a further attempt is often so quick that the opponent does not have a reasonable opportunity to clear before the interference occurs. Tournament organizers using experimental rules shall specify at the time of entry the manner in which any rules, definitions or appendices differ from those of the WSF.

This includes cramps of any kind, actual or impending nausea and breathlessness, including asthma. The Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Rules and have been approved by the World Squash Federation.

The player may concede only one game. Would the obstructed player have struck the opponent with the ball going directly to the front wall or if going to a side wall would it have been a winning return?