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Click on two letters to swap places.

Sign in or create an account. Note- the placement of the picture is random- your solution may vary. Click on the door on the right to move to the 3rd Hall. Michael tells Laura to get a blood sample. Place the ladder under the chandelier and click on the fixture to show the bubble of needed items. I highly recommend it!

An Unexpected Telegram The maid has hidden away a telegram to hide it from the spirits. Business Trip Glenfield vzmpireville butler greets you upon your arrival at Malgray Castle. The Cure-It-All For the ritual, we need to collect candles and bats. Take the bulb and us if in the lamp.

The Fiend of Darkness Walkthrough Kingmaker: It is somewhat difficult to find small objects, especially when the screen is on the dark side. You will find 13 in the room with the gargoyles. This walkthrough was created vampirsville prpldva. To open the box, place the gears onto the spindles so that all are turning.


Vam;ireville on the right arrow to go to the staircase. Locate the hidden objects on the list using the flashlight. Click on two lines to swap positions.

Your username will be displayed on your review. Take the 4 books and exit the closeup by clicking on the left arrow. I really liked the puzzles and mini-games — there were a wide variety and the complexity ranged from standard fare only a few to rather complex most of them. Inside the bathroom is the talking ghost of a Saint Bernard named Rover.

Otherwise you will lose your progress and will have to replay that entire chapter. His background color is red.

Vampireville Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

If you leave before finishing it, vampieeville will need to replay the chapter from the beginning. But who cares when he is so doggone cute.

Clear the board by finding all the matches. New Plan of Action Mr.

Vampireville Walkthrough

This will trigger a Hanoi Towers mini-game. Your username is permanent and yours forever.

Puzzles are not that hard – love the dog in the story. No ads, no adware, no spyware. Everyone we have met so far at the castle seems to be a vampire. Catch vamppireville mouse that is running near the bottom center of the screen. Complete each hole to progress.


Fire from the Deep Walkthrough Path of Sin: Move the screen to find two pieces. Click on the fireplace to see the close-up. He tells you where the medical records of all the vampires are and helps you with the code. These were our sequences, yours may vary: Use the KEY to unlock the lower right cabinet and take 2 boxes. Take the KEY and open the cabinet. Rover remembers two more boxes that are on the chessboard.

Restore the icons to the correct positions. Move the vampirwville and rip the painting open. Select the right arrow to move to the staircase. Take the IRON and place it in the avmpireville bubble. PC Also available on Mac.

They are a HOOT! Walk left to the second hall. Rover needs all the jewelry boxes. Find the 25 pieces of silverware.