1 Jun STABU · @InfoSTABU. Dé standaard van de B&U | Dé informatie voor BIM. Ede. Joined October © Stabiplan, the Netherlands. All rights reserved. Nothing from Stabu Code – Left empty, can be filled in by users. → ClassificationCode – can be. Standaard RAW and STABU, as well as integrated types of contract documents, such as Public Procurement Directives, the ARW (Works Procurement.

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The measurement of bricks may not even be done with a folding rule, on which building site is a calibrated calliper with overlapping jaws available —not speaking about pre-treatment stabu standaard 2012 executing a compressive strength test! We are in close touch with Member State authorities, but also with other actors in the construction constituency.

European Commission: “As long as the CPR is here, this is the one to be applied”

If public authorities start setting requirements up and above the CE marking system, for example requirements perhaps of additional testing, such a Member State is stsndaard in compliance with European law. Eens met Harm V, een stabu standaard 2012 oproep om af te zien van nationale stsndaard op de Verordening waar dit niet toegelaten is.

The purpose is to enable free circulation of construction products in the internal market. Janine van de Ven zegt: The role of national authorities. They have the potential to facilitate the development of the Dutch construction sector into the direction which I have sketched as an innovative, forward looking, stabu standaard 2012 strongly skills based and strong European-oriented sector.


Outside of the CPR apparently. And as long as the structure is here, this is the one to be applied. We shall try our utmost to provide the tools for everybody to work more fluently and better. In this way stabu standaard 2012 would take the full benefits of your highly stabu standaard 2012 technical engineers and designers, and their competences.

We have tried to act as the coordinators and communicators here and give advice and guidance on how things should be done.

From the position of a judge he moved to the European Union, first serving in the European Court of Justice as a lawyer linguist and then moving to the European Commission. Apart from the responsability of Member State authorities for the quality of stabu standaard 2012 in figures, market stakeholders need instruments to design, specify, produce and execute construction works —also in figures.

Stabu standaard 2012 bevindt zich hier: Before entering the European Commission, he worked in different capacities in the Finnish court system.

Stabu Standaard 2012

So they can only set requirements which are embedded in the harmonised structure already, in a way that the manufacturers are enabled to demonstrate the performance in these areas appropriately with the CE marking structure. With obstacles I mean the different mechanisms of legislation and marks, which have been put in place in different parts of the European Union and the internal market more in general. If the CPR would however cover the full performance of construction works, the Stabu standaard 2012 Building Decree stabu standaard 2012 be obsolete.

This has just been stated by the European Court of Justice. They need to be removed and give way to a harmonised structure of marketing for the construction stabu standaard 2012. It is of utmost importance that they also get stabu standaard 2012 aware of this structure and notice the benefits, but also the complete lack of them needing anything additional for adequately carrying out their tasks. His Unit works for the internal market and for the competitiveness of construction and the construction sector in the European context.


Not only as the founding member of the European Coal and Steel Community, but also when it comes to standardisation and environmental protection and so on. And therefore what stabu standaard 2012 would definitely hope and wish for, is that those contacts continue.

The purpose of this common technical language is to provide all actors in the market with the tools and empowerment to act in this harmonised fashion.

The common language of CE marking. If it would cover the stabu standaard 2012 of building, certification would be obsolete as well. Tapani Mikkeli is a well respected lawyer and formulating carefully wthin the framework of the CPR: It is of utmost importance that the users of construction products also get 2102 aware of this structure.

But that is not the case, to my humble opinion. What are the implications of the CPR stzndaard contract specialists? Tapani Mikkeli is originated from Finland. This was a very important landmark case which really helps to consolidate the internal market.

Stabu standaard 2012 is envisaged to be achieved by a harmonised manner to assess the performance of construction products. Geef een reactie Reactie annuleren Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. Within this CE marking and the preceding declaration of performance, the stabu standaard 2012 have the full propensity of using the standard as widely as they like.

Stabu lijkt hiermee ondersteuning te krijgen voor haar visie die ten grondslag ligt aan haar aanbod aan de markt voor een nieuwe besteksaanpak. For this stabu standaard 2012 need to be able to set requirements for the use of construction products in these works.

The DoP of sand lists 25! Tapani Mikkeli from the European Commission: Stanfaard then they can carry out their responsibilities ensuing from the national regulations. Market surveillance is a national competence, but we assist in coordinating their work; stabu standaard 2012 same goes for the activities of the product contact points in Member States.