12 Oct Hello Friends, Any idea when solution Manager training materials (SM, SM) and trainings will be available?Thanks and Regards,Abhijeet Rathi. Goals. Describe the various elements of Service Desk and Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager; Configure the SAP standard. SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Service Desk 2 – days; SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management 3-days .

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This is free for Enterprise Support Customers. Step 1 of the GP provides link to open the alert details in am200 seperate window. Step 1 Creating custom fields to appear in the mail form. If you are going and you want to learn about BI reporting, this is the session you should go for. This translates into most of the following items: There are a few posts on the topic, however I was not able to find all of the information that I needed in one place.

So, you need to create an implementation project and document. Trusted RFCs should be created with current user id and not any other user id because when you will log on from charm to do any modification after creating the transport request in web ui of charm it will not allow you to own the request owner is changed.

So, I had the requirement to protect the Categorization fields from changes when the status is “To Be Approved”. Technical scenarios are logical grouping according to the user requriement. We should be getting an open interface that will make things simpler. Then, the proposed model is as follows:. Objects will be in the TOL only if used, with only one aolution, and structured according to the application component hierarchy.


Creating custom fields to appear in the mail form.

Solution Manager 7.2 Training

Create the following container elements if they do not exist already.: Select to assign the attribute …. Instead it is visible through managee package stack application instead in a nutshell, screenshots below.

Select the other Text Element e. We “get by with a little help from our friends” – hat tip to Ringo Starr, who is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There can be scenarios that represent for solhtion, all systems that belong to a business process or being monitred by a particular shift of operators or grouped based on the region of data source.

Shamantha researched this and got back to me with the help the next day. I want to thank Shamantha for her expert help and support during the EGI.

Documentation before project start With more focus on implementation and Business Processes, one major flaw needed to be addressed. Maintain Attribute Contents solufion Mail Forms. Here is the resulting email in Outlook. When working with the Diagnostics scenario in the Solution Manager, We must be very careful about the Introscope Enterprise Manager and always keep an eye on it to ensure the data collection is working well.


It would be great to discuss these planned changes. Create a custom structure containing the fields needed in your mail form. Rest of the steps follows similar to EWA report generation. The system will ask you a Certificate Backup Password.

Solution Manager Training

For the part 2 of this tutorial use the following link: Above is our normal change “swim lane”. New concepts are introduced by 7. Bpmon security authorization issues Sometimes monitoring object greyed out and alert cannot be viewed in WorkCentre also. We will simply be able to add as many levels as we want on top of them. They are of 3 types: We gain instead, it seems, two mains views: An impression general overview Assign no type to the filter.

Not so long ago, I needed to do the same since we proposed at customer side to automate some statistical reporting which was generated in a manual fashion still. Do you have a Solution Manager story to tell? In addition to the instructions that are readily available in the SAP note and the detailed instructions link, this blog provides additional information in the hopes of helping you go through this renewal process easily and with little impact as possible.