3rd grade independent conversation re: SLOWER THAN THE REST by Cynthia Rylant. Mariam –I jotted that I predicted Leo would have the best project. 25 Oct What do you think the theme is of this short tale? I know it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. 20 Mar “Slower than the. Rest” by Cynthia. Rylant is a short story in the collection titled. Every Living Thing. “Charles” by Shirley. Jackson is a short.

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Leo won the a award from the principal. Does this story connect with what you have seen or experienced in school? Sincerely, Ellie Reply Thomas B.


I thought it was a great story, and I loved it. On prevent forest tthan week, he brings Charlie to school and tells how forest fires affect nature and hurt animals like turtles. After that I never saw the turtle again. But, Charlie helped him feel better. After talking about this, ask: He keeps Charlie, and brings him into school for a project. Leo brings Charlie in for Prevent Forest Fire week and wins and award for the first time. He was moved to a classroom that helped him understand his learning better.

Leo does his report and then brings out Charlie. Slower than the Rest is about a boy named Leo who is in fourth grade and is, quote, “slower than the rest,” which means that it takes him longer to learn things than other people.


Slower then the Rest-Cynthia Rylant Theme – ProTeacher Community

I liked this story, because it is kid friendly, and cute. This story is about a boy named Leo who finds a turtle by the side of thna road and keeps it as a pet and names it Charlie. Then later Leo wins the best speech contest. Emma posted by Ms.

Could you tell me more about what you meant? Leo names his turtle Cynthua they are best friends. Then he brought leo the turtle to school and did a report called forest fires. A comforting friend to talk to always makes things better.

Charlie was a very friendly turtle, who liked to ride on Leo’s shoulder and burry his head in Leo’s neck. These are all the words that I found interesting. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Later the next cgnthia Leo brought Charlie to his school and he told the class how animals like deer and bears could easily run away but if you’re a slow animals it’s very slim you will survive the fire and the class loved the project so much everybody was cheering and Leo felt great.

Another key point from slkwer story that showed friends make situations better is when Leo took Cyntgia to school. Kimball Leo is a kid who his dad calls him slower than the rest because he was slower than everybody but one day he saw a turtle on the highway and took him home so he could care for him. His teacher loved his speech and his class did too.


In school he had to write a report on forest fires and how to prevent them. I hope you liked my summary.

I erst it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. Could you tell me more about what you meant? Dear Katie, I really liked the vocabulary that you used in your summary. He loved his turtle and was so surprised that he won. This turtle is named Charlie. Submit your response in class by Friday afternoon.

Dear Anika, I really liked your word review and your definitions were very thought out and helpful. Since Leo yhan Charlie was a wise slower than the rest by cynthia rylant, the same way he thought older people were wise, Leo byy comfortable talking to Charlie.