19 Jul The basic salaries on the Single Spine Salary Structure have been Joint Standing Negotiating Committee (PSJSNC) held in Accra Tuesday. 2 May The government will soon review the single spine salary structure. private sector pay policies, not only in Ghana but across the globe to make. I AM SURE EVERYONE IN GHANA IS AWARE OF THE DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SINGLE SPINE SALARY.

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These activities were undertaken to provide a context and basis for the development of a public sector pay structure framework, to provide some guidance on the future of public sector pay and to determine the need for broad based job evaluation.

If there are 6 steps on the grade which go from pay points 62 to 57, then the highest pay point for the position is Read all related articles Comments: This article has 12 comment sgive your comment. The public sector in Ghana has several divisions under the large umbrella of the public service.

Contact Us Send Feedback. Public sector workers paid GHc What is the importance of looking at the Single Spine chart? The single pay spine places all public servants on one vertical structure. This resulted in a pay spine of pay points. It aims to raise the salaries of the middle level earners who receive lower salaries but have equal level of qualification with the already high paid middle level earners.

Accident kills another woman at Adenta; youth burn tyres to block road. The spine is reproduced in full at Annex B but the top and bottom are shown below for illustrative purposes:. Notwithstanding the well-crafted nature and the objectives of the policy, its implementation has suffered challenges.

It would be expected, however, that these positions would be comparable. Where the salary structure of the public sector is in comparison with the private sector, also considering where the salary structure of each service classification is in relation with each other.

SSSS introduced in to ensure salary equity Launched inthe SSSS was to promote equity within the public sector by ensuring that public sector workers received equal salaries for equal work done. The example is provided below.

Single Spine Salary Structure Archives –

The wages being received by the workers continued to decline and they opted to forgo work in Ghana and travel abroad for work. The newspaper reported that inabout GHc There are three key activities that will be undertaken immediately.


If you are a Ghanaian, you probably have heard about the single spine salary structure SSS. The structure should have a means to compensate employees for their individual performance and their contribution as it relates to the performance of the public sector. Given the impossibility of psine pay, the pay point at the next highest pay should be found, and it becomes the pay point for the relevant cell.

Therefore, all jobs remain graded in accordance with their current structure and the movement on the grade ih is not affected by the single pay spine structure.

Let us look at the salaries of teachers before and swlary the implementation of the single spine salary structure. As it is well known, employment is a key factor for the growth and development of any country. Facts and Life Hacks. Implementation of the policy experienced some setbacks during its initial stages as there was a lot of concern and agitation from public sector workers who complained about some disparities in the fhana.

Whether or not the jobs graded as Level 19 should continue at that grade level depends on job evaluation and grading decisions.

The Implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (Ssss) in Ghana

Finance Ministry approves new allowances for boards, councils and members. An inter-ministerial committee is being established by the Ministries of Employment and Labour Relations and Finance, to undertake the review of the single spine pay policy and make recommendations for implementation by government.

If this is considered along with the current industrial climate, the history of public sector pay in Ghana, the local labor market climate and initiatives already taken by some of the service classification groupings health, security services and revenue servicesthere could be up to 7 pay spines.

Think it is important? As noted earlier, the value of pay points may change as part of future salary reviews.

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These are the reasons that led to the adaptation of the single spine salary structure method. A satisfied worker is one who receives their dues for the work they have done, but what does this have to do with the Single Spine Structure?

It also rewards according to the experience of the worker and the type of tasks they perform. In this particular piece we will look at the Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers.


Pay is now given according to the value of the worker. A position would only be able to move on the pay spine to the pay points associated with their grade in the grading structure.

Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers ▷

The attempt to quadruple the salaries of public sector workers through the Single Spine Salary Structure has been a drawback to strengthening the private sector. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The work force was very relaxed. Implementation of the Single Pay Spine There are a significant number of activities that must be undertaken before the single pay spine can be fully implemented.

It must be noted that multiple spines can be established at any point during the implementation, using the service classifications provided. Analysis of data collected revealed some of these challenges including high public expectations, dissatisfaction of the grading structure by some workers, inadequate financial and human resources facing the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission FWSCinadequate education, conditions of service and allowances of workers.

The structure must be able to be administered in a straightforward and transparent manner with established guidelines. Category Editor for Politics and Campus. The single spine has several advantages. However, the middle income earners who are paid high wages see their wages stagnate until they are promoted to a higher rank or status in the profession. The spine is reproduced in full at Annex B but the top and bottom are shown below for illustrative purposes: Usual practice is for each part of the public service to operate with either a single pay scale or a limited number of such scales, based around different public employers, where the employers are not the government.

The Single Spine Salary Structure looks to harmonize the salaries awarded to the various classes of workers. This was due to the fact salaries were not awarded according to merit. This structure is useful as it sets the minimum wage requirements as per agreed upon by the government and the trade unions. In Ghana, it was evident that having dissatisfied workers created a huge problem.