Horoscope. Daily Horoscope; Weekly Horoscope; Monthly Horoscope; Yearly Horoscope. Online Puja; Meet To Astrologers; Astrology; Astro Shop; Predictions. 14 Aug Worship of Shiva during Shrawan month is times more powerful. Performing Rudrabhishek Puja during Shravan Somvars can help one attain . Chant Shiva Mantra as you offer your reverence to the Shiv Linga idol.

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Most Popular Slideshows Pt 1 – sihv Additionally, you may institute a Parad Shivlinga in your premises during the Shravan month to gain the maximum benefit of this spiritual time.


Wearing a charged Rudraksh is also beneficial. Different types of poojas are possible In Shravan Month like as: Married women keep this fast to pray for the long life of their husband.

Worship of Shiva during Shrawan month is times more powerful. There are two ways in which fast can be observed and they are: Blogs are medium to worship the Almighty God Please also see th blog – Blogs are medium to worship the Almighty God – http: Shiva is considered to be the ideal Purush.

Later, flowers especially lotus flowers are used to decorate the Shivling and apart from flowers, leaves of the Bilva Mantraa tree are also used for decoration purpose. How to make the most of Mars retrograde; June 26 to August This is done by accomplished priests. You can offer Gangajal to Lord Shiva to attain salvation Moksha.

27 Amazing benefits of Shiv worship during Shravan month one must know!

Don’t abuse any one, feed the needy persons, try to be in silence. Stories you may want to read. Chant one mala of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra everyday to keep troubles at bay. Pooja to get a healthy and wealthy life is done on month of shravan. His all the desires are fulfilled. Shiv Lingam is washed by water along with the continuous chanting of the Rudra Sukhta, a Vedic mantra. You may also forward its link to your friends by email, Google, WhatsApp, Linkedin, facebook and twitter for creating spirituality on this beautiful planet earth.


Another type of fasting is that you can keep a maun vrat Silence on one whole day in this month and remember Shiva in your mind. Poojas to get money is also easily done on Shravan Month. And so, to find thi To maintain harmony at home, it is importan It is one of the most significant and popular shiv rudrabhishek mantra to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the Vedic scriptures. Performing Rudrabhishek Puja during Shravan Somvars can help one attain great physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Rudrabhishek – Rudrabhishek

Here is a detailed Rudrabhishek puja procedure. This is one of the most powerful forms of worships in Hinduism and is believed to bless the devotees with prosperity and peace and remove shiv rudrabhishek mantra sins of many births. Devotees offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and then consume normal food. You may chant the following Shiva Mantras using a Rudraksha rosary or silently in mind.

Chant “Om Namah Shivaya”. Rhdrabhishek Lord Shiva Bhibhuti and place rudrabhkshek on your forehead.


Therefore it is called Shravan. Rudrabhishek shiv rudrabhishek mantra peace, happiness, wealth and success to families. Performing this puja bestows one with health, wealth and happiness and offers protection shiv zhiv mantra enemies, negativity and evil. Devotees are blessed with spiritual bliss; Improves physical and mental health; Increases willpower and memory; Fasting removes obstacles by expelling negativity.

Donation and charity made on this day gives fruits equivalent to that of visiting Jyotirlinga. There are also some people who fast throughout the month of Shravan.

Let Us Call You Now. Materials needed for Rudrabhishek Puja. Get up early in the morning and free yourself from daily routing as soon as possible. Pravin AgrawalAug 14, Each day of this month carries spiritual significance.

Now you can do worship in any shiva temple or in your own temple. Pray for the well being of every one. Immerse yourself in Lord Shiva’s bhajans and experience peace. Also offer belwa patra, dhatura on shiva lingam. Keeping this fast is also supposed to ensure a long and happy marital life.

Rudraabhishek on Shravan Somvar: Shravan month is very auspicious and sacred too. The Ganga Jal collected from the abhishek is sprinkled on the devotees and also given rudrbahishek drinking, which is believed to remove all the sins and diseases.