28 Aug It was not war; they did not understand yielding. As long as their national drum beat, the whole party would stand, and allow themselves to be. Introduction: The Santhal Rebellion was the most serious challenge faced by the English East India Company in the first century of its rule. Until June Santal Rebellion of Atis Dasgupta. I would briefly describe in this paper the general character of the Santal. Rebellion () and certain.

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It was a revolt against the oppression of the colonial rule propagated through a distorted revenue system, enforced by the local zamindars, the police and the courts of the legal system set up by the British. The Santhal Paraganas Tenancy Act came into being which provided the tribes some protection from colonial exploitation. Recently Updated Articles in History of India.

If this be the case and we hear nothing of the poisoned arrows in the recent conflicts, they rebelliob infinitely more respectable than our civilised enemy, the Russians, who would most likely consider such forbearance as foolish, and declare that is not war. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat The Santhal rebellion sometimes referred to as the Sonthal rebellioncommonly known as Santhal Hoolwas a native rebellion in present-day Jharkhandin eastern India against both the British colonial authority and zamindari system by the Santhal people.

They lived an agrarian lifestyle, by clearing forest patches, cultivation and santyal for subsistence. A British Regiment attacking a Santhal village www. The rebels decided to drive out the money lenders and Zamindars. Mrinal Sen ‘s film Mrigayaa is set in this time. To create this new breed of Zamindars, the British auctioned away large tracts of land belonging to the Santhals, to anyone who would guarantee them these fixed revenues.


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The brothers sent emissaries across Santhal lands with Sal Shorea robusta branches as a secret form of communication. Sadly, even now, 70 years since India’s independence, problems continue reebellion fester.

The once tribal protest over land has become a violent and vicious gorilla war, burning through the heart of India – the Red Corridor – as it is called. Of the 60,odd tribesmen who had been mobilised in the rebellion, over 15, were killed, and tens of villages were destroyed.

Santhal Rebellion Stock Photos & Santhal Rebellion Stock Images – Alamy

The rebelloon police force was abolished and the village headman was vested with the duty of keeping peace and order. Tomb of Aurangzeb Among the other Mughal emperors, the tomb of Aurangzeb stands out in many ways. Since the Chotanagpur Plateau is the richest mineral belt in India, some of the Santhals earn wages by mining. Troop detachments from the 7th Native Infantry Regiment, 40th Native Infantry and others were called into action.

The Forgotten Santhal Revolt of

However, political events far away would have significant impact on their lives. E-mail this Article Post a Comment.

Initially a small contingent was sent to suppress the rebels santhhal it could not succeed and this further fueled the spirit of the revolt. Join our mailing list to recieve the latest news and updates from our team.

Santhal rebellion

After some few years the britishers and their counterparts started claiming as this new Santhal owned land theirs. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter! On 30 Junetwo Santal rebel leaders, Sidhu and Kanhu Murmumobilized ten thousand Santhals and declared a rebellion against British colonists.


Although the Rebellion was crushed with a heavy hand, some British army officers like Major Jervis who observed. Santhal Pargana Division Wikimedia Commons. Both men and women work to bring home adequate income for their families. As long as their national drum beat, the whole party would stand, rebsllion allow themselves to be shot down. It was a massive attack in the Chhamb sector by Pakistani forces.

This dispossession turned the Santhals into rebelloon and finally they took an oath to launch an attack on the ruling authority, i. There was not a sepoy in the war who did not feel ashamed of himself.

The British were helped by the local Zamnidars, who were with them for their own selfish needs. The Santhals continue to take up cudgels against the authorities and their frustrations have deep roots. Furthermore the santhali women who worked under labour contractors were disgraced and used.

The Forgotten Santhal Revolt of 1855

After a brief period, the British operatives with their native underlings i. The primitive weapons of the Santhals, weren’t a match against the musket and cannon firepower of the British.

The Santhals reacted violently to this and killed the police agent and his companions. Sidhu Murmu rebeplion accumulated about ten thousands Santhal to run parallel government against British rule. Although the Rebellion was brutally suppressed, it marked a great change in the colonial rule and policy.

This also brought to an end, the old tribal systems and political structures that had continued here for generations. There is also an increase in the amount of irrigated land.