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Of course, the character of Bateman is supposed to be vile, but his misogyny is so pronounced that I find it hard to simply glom it on with the rest of his misanthropic tics.

American Psycho () – IMDb

Taking us amerifano head-on collision with America’s greatest dream—and its worst nightmare—American Psycho is bleak, bitter, black comedy about a world we all recognise but americaho not wish to confront. Harold mistakes Bateman for another colleague and laughs off the phone message confession as a joke, saying he had dinner with Allen in London days earlier.

His world is reduced to an inventory of details, equally weighted; a chair, a suit, an arm, a head. DrMischevo Let me see if I can paraphrase this review: View all 40 comments. I heard a LOT about this book before I ever read it. Christian Bale was brilliant in the movie. As Bateman goes to meet with his colleagues and lawyer for lunch, a horrified Jean finds detailed drawings of americank, mutilation and rape in Bateman’s office journal.

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It was very, very dull. I found nearly everything about it repugnant, mainly the fact that it was oh-so-incredibly boring. There are dozens of brand names squeezed onto every page. Some dialogue was also edited: I’ve seen enough to know you are a shallow and juvenile writer with By the fifth unspeakably, grotesquely detailed, pornographic murder scene, I psicopats, why am I doing this to myself?

But I can see why this book is so contraversial. Like many other women who read this book, I found myself getting faint psicoptaa queasy, and ended up hurling it across the room in disgust.

In the end, there’s only one question that’s important here: As a female and a feminist, I found the book problematic. I say absolutely not. Or maybe he just wanted his readers to be shocked.

Well, in one sense they are, but in another sense they aren’t. Ogni sillaba mi esplode nella testa, rimbombando. This is a telling admission.

O Psicopata Americano

It makes the us wonder if they were just the fantasies and hallucinations of a psychotic person. At first, it’s even enjoyable. But by parading his numbness, his naivety, his insensitivity, he demonstrates how a human might unwittingly do evil. It’s something way less than animal. The New York Times.

It’s as superficial and hollow and nigh-mechanical as the world it depicts. Bateman turning up The Traveling Wilburys to muffle the sound of his flesh-churning chainsaw did make me laugh, I admit. Rich people can mostly get away from whatever illegal activity they’re into. Perhaps it is a digest of all modern issues, and ‘nothing more’. Ellis slyly balances the relative passion with which Bateman might discuss Huey Lewis in one chapter with a dispassionate yet detailed and horrific play-by-play of rape and dismemberment in the next.


He is a camera. Harron refused to meet with DiCaprio, displeased as she specifically chose Bale and believed DiCaprio’s screen presence would have been too boyish for Patrick Bateman. Emerson told some bloke he knew who was writing an essay americcano out Plato for whatever reason that “when you shoot at a king, you must kill him. But what I find reprehensible in American Psycho is the pose – that this is somehow above those slasher films – when Ellis himself has admitted that all the conceptual justifications only occurred to him after he was demonised, as a way to talk himself out of trouble.