பட்டினத்தார் வாழ்வும் வாக்கும்-PATTINATHAR VAAZHVUM VAAKKUM. பட்டினத்தார் வாழ்வும். Pattinathar is a great saint and sidda whose pAdalgaL are quite famous in tamil. Life history of pattinathar or pttinathadigal is here in this page. 11 டிசம்பர் However, Pattinathaar is unique to the list of great people that Tamil has as its pride. Just like Jesus Christ and Buddha, Tamil saint Pattinathar warns us about the impermanence of life. It is my duty to tell my life story.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pattinathar refers to the eyeless needle episode his poems: Wife, children, happiness of domestic life Stop at the doors, the kinsfolk, at the crematory; What may the jn on your way?

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He has left us his life experiences and his realizations as songs that will serve as a reminder that one should not be attached to the materialistic possessions in pttinathar world. An ascetic or a Yogi is like a water carrying village woman.

Alexander the Great BC was the king of Macedonia. The Angel wrote, and vanished. In one of his poems he warns us that we must remember three sounds from the pattinathsr conches at family events: Pattinathar the second, if such a description can pass muster, is the author of the poems given below:.


“காதற்ற ஊசியும் வாராது காண் கடைவழிக்கே” – AJAY MARSHAL ©

Subramania Aiyar, published by S. This post is not meant to find the similarities but only plan to compare these two personalities on several aspects.

Kannadasan lived a life which encompassed all the trials and tribulations,good and bad any human being would fear to go through. When the poets sing about young women they praise their beauty.

Tagged blowing conchesimpermanencePattinatharshanks. Any way ij message is clear—Impermanence of Life which is a popular theme in all ancient Sanskrit and Tamil hymns. If you yearn for me I will kick you on your hips And if I think of you, you kick me.

They that chant this name When they rise up, will abide in the empyrean. Valmiki, the hunter, told Narada that it was a thought provoking question and he would run home and find the answer.

He immediately distributed his wealth, renounced life and became an ascetic. The traditional Nagabarana the divine snake jewel on the head of Linga is also placed on the idol.

We also see our poor friends are abused by their family members as baby sitters pattinatjar care takers for life. He lived in the tenth century. He gets arrested by the king’s sentries for having the stolen necklace.



The poem details life from an embryo to death and finally ashes. In it was a palm-leaf manuscript and a needle without an eyelet. And, even this useless needle will never accompany you oattinathar your final destiny after death.

They tap or telephones, interrupt our e mails! He shows leanings towards Bhakti in his later poems.

But unlike most of the Shiddas, he hates even his body Shiddas are known for preserving their body. Life stor short and we must do everything good within that short period. For other uses, see Pattinathar disambiguation.

She fetches water from a faraway well or tank in five or six metal pots piled up one over the other on her head. Utarkurruvanam or The harmony of components parts of the Human body is a poem written by the great Cittar Patinathar. He was surprised to see they were all gold; every dried piece of the husk turned out to be gold dust and also had precious gems in the sack. A careful perusal of his poems establishes this fact indubitably.