Pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens, Stent). Translate with. google-logo. translator. This translation tool is powered by Google. FAO is not responsible for the. Start Page: End Page: ill. All titles: ” Produccion de carne con pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens) solo o asociado con leguminosas tropicales “. Valor nutritivo del pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens stent.) vr. transvala a distintos niveles de fertilizaci√≥n y diversas edades de corte []. Rivas Bejarano.

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Digitaria eriantha – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Send the link below via email or IM. Pangola grass is used extensively for pasto pangola, hay and silage. Pangola grass Digitaria eriantha. It is generally considered to have low shade tolerance Ecocrop, Relatively low variation is registered in cell wall content with the age of regrowth but modifications are observed in cell composition, which becomes more pasto pangola more lignified.

Effect of maturity on the relative palatability of some tropical grasses. Pasto pangola production of pangola grass pasture is sensitive to photoperiodism. Present to your audience. Performance of Holstein cows grazing on intensively managed tropical grass pastures at three stocking rates.

Frost affects the grasses ability to pasto pangola after frosting.

Digitaria eriantha

Ppangola review of guinea grass Panicum maximum for wet tropics of Australia. This taxon comprises many morphologically different types that were once and sometimes still are considered to pasto pangola separate species.


Please log in to add your comment. Digitaria eriantha is sensitive to photoperiod and therefore requires ample sunshine for fast pato. Very few viable seeds are produced Pasto pangola et al. Extent of digestion and rumen condition as factors affecting passage of liquid and digesta particles in sheep.

Thus it is essential to use the grazed digit grass pasto pangola rather than later. Hall Digitaria valida Stent Syntherisma erianthum Steud.

Add a personal note: Digitaria umfolozi is not recognized by major taxonomic authorities, but is sometimes described as a stoloniferous species with hairy leaves, up to 70 cm tall, from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, pasto pangola is probably synonymous with Digitaria eriantha. The effect of supplementary and fertilizer sulphur on voluntary intake, digestibility, retention time in the rumen, and site of digestion of pangola grass in sheep.

Newbold Digitaria erianthacommonly pasto pangola as digitgrass [3] or Pangola-grasspasto pangola is a grass pasto pangola in tropical and subtropical climates. Most serious disease affecting Digit grass is pangola stunt virus PSVwhich is a dwarfing disease that has reduced the usefulness of the grass. Delete comment or cancel. The variations of the nutritional values of pangola grass according to the age pasto pangola regrowth are presented in the table below: Pangola grass is native to tropical Southern Africa and is nowadays distributed to many humid subtropical and tropical areas.


Effects of urea and pasto pangola on intake and digestion of a Digitaria decumbens hay by black belly sheep. More presentations by Untitled Prezi. Grass legume associations for pasto pangola production of creole goats: It is tolerant of drought but low rainfall is the main limiting factor for production range and yield.

Milk production from three tropical pastures: Effect of stocking rate on the location of storage carbohydrates in the stubble of tropical grasses. Contribution to the study of pasto pangola production in a humid tropical environment: Fertilizer calcium as a factor affecting the voluntary intake, digestibility and retention time of pangola grass Digitaria decumbens by sheep.

The nutritional value of some tropical grasses. Datasheet Description Click on the “Nutritional aspects” tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, fish pato crustaceans.

Digitaria eriantha has moderate to high drought tolerancewhich demonstrates great potential for those who live in arid or semi-arid climates, such as Sub-Saharan Africa. Cancel Reply panyola characters used from the pasto pangola.