: Mitsubishi FDU DLP PROJECTOR X LUMEN P HDMI: Electronics. Mitsubishi FDU Projector Specifications. Posted on July 15, By. Mitsubishi FDU Spec Sheet >>. Mitsubishi FDU Specs. Mitsubishi Electric continues its pioneering advancements in the field of image projection with introduction of three attractive mobile projectors. FDU is built to.

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It is a good halfway point between Presentation and Mltsubishi, combining high brightness and solid image quality. Our test sample measured lumens in Presentation mode, the brightest available.

Replacement of the factory lamp with, or any other use of, non-Mitsubishi lamps, including but not limited to counterfeit lamps, is strongly discouraged and may reduce coverage under our limited warranty and service policy.

Vd630u Extended Warranty plans offer additional years of extensive parts and labor coverage. To ensure you are purchasing genuine Mitsubishi lamps, click here for a list of official vendors.

Quick delivery and exactly as represented. Multiple input options include an HDMI port, component port, video port, and a PC port, and this versatile Mitsubishi projector can be connected to multiple external devices simultaneously. Projector Tools Useful utilities for your projector.


For a few dollars more, there are plenty of options available in the market for projectors that are truly HD – through and through on all inputs using HD optics. Your email address is necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted. Skip fd630h main content. Standard mode, the next brightest, measured lumens.

Mitsubishi FD630U DLP Projector

If you need to impart text-based information to a large number of people, Presentation is the mode to use. In this mode, the projector’s BrilliantColor circuit is disabled, which cuts brightness rather drastically but makes the picture appear more natural and balanced.

But it has a native x pixel matrix mitsubishhi high-quality 1. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration.

A single watt monaural speaker provides sound output for the DLP projector. More items related to this product. It will not be shown to other site viewers. Presentation mode emphasizes highlights, pushing for a bright picture rather than a high-contrast or color-balanced one.

Mitsubishi Projectors: Mitsubishi FDU DLP projector

Show More Show Less. The factory-provided lamps were specifically designed to meet certain performance, quality, and design specifications. Most projectors sold for business these days are high- lumenlow-contrast, low-resolution products. Reader Comments 1 comment Posted Nov 1, 9: Extended Warranty programs offered by Mitsubishi Electric are issued, administered, serviced, underwritten, and insured by Safeware, The Insurance Agency, Inc.


Mitsubishi Electric is not a party to the extended service plan contract. Theater measured ANSI lumenswhich is still very bright in a light-controlled environment.

Mitsubishi FD630U Projector Specifications

For data graphics and Powerpoint presentation, this mode is a good option. This mode has less extreme highlights, but it compensates with better shadow detail, deeper black levels, and improved color saturation. Additional features on the DLP projector include closed captioning, blackboard mode, and wired networking. In addition, the contrast ratio for the unit is Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks.

Most projectors sold for home theater are low-lumen, high-contrast, mitsubjshi products. Find a Mitsubishi Retailer. Find an Authorized Online Dealer. Please see the limited warranty statement for details related to specific projector details. Focus from left to right is not consistent due to the less than precise lens mounting system employed.