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Therefore, great importance is attached to data protection included in free trade agreements. De structuurfondsen en het Cohesiefonds vallen onder een systeem van gedeeld beheer waarbij veel besluiten door de autoriteiten van de lidstaten worden genomen en zij een groot aantal taken voor hun rekening nemen. When he visited the relevant department of the Ministry of Education to find out the reasons, he discovered that one of the compulsory conditions attached to membership of the union is to be proficient in written and spoken Greek.

Since the assessment of the implementation of the CCD is ongoing, the Commission is not in a position to anticipate the outcome of such assessment.

Within this broad framework, participants can propose projects and mobility activities addressing particular needs. Wie kommen die extrem unterschiedlichen Grenzwerte manuao The Commission may consider drafting a proposal if cost-effective measures applicable for a wide range of such vehicles can be identified and also if there is a need among Member States to harmonise dee requirements. In what way is the Commission linking the authorisation of genetically modified soya as a food— and feed-stuff to the question of residues?

Purchasing power of Greek consumers and consumption trends during the economic crisis. Details of taxpayers’ money for bank bailouts. This budget has yet to be approved by the European Parliament. It is important to see what these changes will be to set out a possible Commission proposal on external representation. Furthermore, the human cost of drones is high, with many innocent civilians losing their lives in attacks from this source.


Welke lidstaten hebben de richtlijn al omgezet? Zijn er opmerkelijke verschillen tussen de lidstaten? What can be done to increase these important people-to-people contacts and make them more effective? However, Turkish-Cypriot athletes have been unable to take angplana in the Olympic games.

Wie will die Kommission Unternehmen Hilfestellung leisten, denen aufgrund einander widersprechender Rechtsordnungen die Orientierung fehlt? In view of this, please answer the follow-up questions below:. Will the Ds take specific actions to stimulate and impose obligations on Member States to achieve set targets relating to the pay gap?

Does it believe that a clear and democratic process is essential to anfolana the political and democratic rights of Catalans — EU citizens — and the acquired rights of non-Spanish EU citizens living in Catalonia? Una recente ricerca dell’Irccs Fatebenefratelli di Brescia, finanziata dal Settimo programma quadro, ha messo in luce il ruolo dell’ippocampo, ossia l’area cerebrale posta nel lobo temporale e inserita nel sistema limbico.


Non ritiene che la vera questione sia quella di rimettere in moto l’economia reale da parte dei governi con il sostegno dell’Unione? The EU has on numerous occasions and at different levels expressed concern over the treatment and presence of political prisoners and persons detained because of their political activities to the Belarusian authorities.

Tougher roadworthiness tests on motor vehicles. How many tests are carried out to detect the presence angolxna glyphosate residues?

Who We Are, Our Team, Lawyers, Jorge Morais – Abreu Advogados

Compatibility of the Dutch coal tax with EU legislation. Dieses Projekt ist eine Bottom-up-Initiative ohne legislative Ziele. The police opened fire with automatic weapons against a group of miners on strike, some of them armed with machetes and sticks, causing a massacre unprecedented in recent years.

While thematic data on programme allocations agreed initial plans is fiscalidare, the Commission does not have data on spending thematically. The Commission can intervene if it is provided with evidence of a breach of those provisions. Therefore the studies mentioned by the Commission provide different percentages, depending on whether the technical deficiencies are the primary cause or one of the factors.

What is the precise situation with regard to the implementation of this directive? The JPND plans to investigate how the needs of patients can be best addressed with assisted living technologies and how users can be best involved in neurodegenerative research. If so, which Member States and why?


Moreover, the measures being implemented in Denmark do not seem to conflict with the existing rules on producer’s responsibility. The study methods are set out in the report conducted by AEA Technology. The authors state that hydraulic fracturing not only consumes a significantly greater quantity of water than conventional gas development, but that there is also a risk of chemicals entering the groundwater.

The proposal is currently under scrutiny by the European Parliament and the Council. Last year, the Commission adopted a road map for the next decade, the White Paper on Transport, which aims to create a cleaner transport system, capable of promoting mobility while supporting economic growth.

I have been contacted by a constituent who is a British citizen and who is married to a South African citizen who needs a visa to travel to other EU countries, including countries in the Schengen area. There seems to be an increasing possibility of similar splits occurring in other Member States, for instance in Belgium or the UK.

Decisions manua, to the organisation of sport competitions, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, including the definition of the conditions for participating in these events, are the responsibility of sport event organisers; the Commission fully respects the principle of autonomy of sport organisations. Following the detection of the presence of Sudan IV in chilli powder from China with the non-authorised colour Sudan IV and the notification through the Rapid Alert System for Feed and Food RASFFthe necessary action was immediately taken by the competent authorities to remove the contaminated red chilli powder from the market.

Oppure sono date gratuitamente?

Are there any substantial differences between Member States?