The Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) [Stuart Hill] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With her murderous daughter, Medea. Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good — burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It. The Last Battle of the Icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the fantasy (albeit Earth-inspired world) of the Icemark and Polypontian.

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They are a lot like real life and sometimes better than real life.

Last Battle of the Icemark – Wikipedia

last battle of the icemark I feel there is a lot left unsaid between us, and I’m sorry we were forced to part on such terms. This would be the ultimate battle — Medea and her grandfather, Cronus, the ruler last battle of the icemark the Darkness, against the Icemark and its allies. So first, I apologize in advance if any of my statements about them are faulty or inaccurate, because memory is a fickle mistress.

The Cry of the Icemark was OK. Will Icemark finally fall against all these new threats? The most complex book of the three, and a great conclusion to a great series. So, bye for now! It’s a free country at least where I am it’s a free country It would be a battle that would require all that she had experienced, all that she had learned, since she had ascended to the throne of her tiny kingdom. Ever since Medea was exiled by her father, Oskan, she has been trained by the most powerful Adept in the universe.

The Mother of All in her rightousness can not destroy the army because she Papa who is creator of all only offers forgiveness and reconciliation. I recommend this book to anyone who is crazy about fantasy, because this book has a lot of it! It took me a while to really get into it enough to not be annoyed.


That he, Cronus, was responsible for the other wars with the Icemark. While the war happens, Oskan has to make last battle of the icemark choice, Dark with his family, Cronos and Medea, or destroy them. Save Create a List. Now Thirrn, Queen of Icemark must lead her people against a more powerful enemy, Erinor and her uncountable hordes. He gave us a happy ending but still kept it realistic with the loss that last battle of the icemark brings.

At times, it felt like the book dragged a little and some of the characters’ actions didn’t seem all that radical, but the overall effect is still a fun read.

I am only up to page 19 and th I usually don’t comment about a book until after I’m done reading it. The time has come. He is usually awesome at describing battle tactics and which parts of the army are doing what and where, but besides the second battle against Erinor, they all felt very hasty in this third book.

Jun 30, Daphne rated last battle of the icemark really liked it Shelves: Vattle it became clear that he was I became teary-eyed, especially when reading about Thirrin’s apparent sadness and mourning.

Last Battle Of The Icemark

And I know this favoritism-turned-me-evil thing can be done well. When Cronus, stood judgement before the goddess for the evil that had been done, Mother of All did not condemn him, but instead offered forgiveness and the opportunity to be reunited into the perfection last battle of the icemark unity.

Cronus completely used her as a pawn in his own scheme battlf controlling her, and I don’t mean he used subtle influencing or gentle nudges.

The empire last battle of the icemark Thirren fought is a ally when a conquering army marks them as traitors. The Icemark Lazt by Stuart Hill. Characters in the Icemark Chronicles Medea. Blade of Fire was absolutely my favorite of the three. A stunning conclusion to the Icemark Chronicles.


Rather than just being your simple sword and shield battles, The Last Battle now last battle of the icemark the more… elemental and magical side of the last battle of the icemark world. The ending stayed true to the entire “vibe” of the series.

Maybe it’s just because I’m procrastinating If you want her to return as a villain, fine, but there is really no point in making her an active POV character, especially when only a cursory effort has been given to make her sympathetic, likeable, or even believable.

What would the future be like if she ruled the world? Erinor, the new Basilea in town is crazier than Scipio. What we got was a lot less, and I was disappointed. In this book, it was Medea and Cronus Vs. I loved them and just like you Gattle miss the characters.

The Last Battle of the Icemark

I loved how in the second book, Sharley’s story wasn’t just a repeat of Thirrin’s. It takes the earlier tales to a natural og. Like suddenly he would be with Cressida’s cavalry or suddenly he last battle of the icemark be somewhere else just kinda tacked on.

What would it be like if the Darkness ruled? But, again, this last chapter had that “Um.

Here we have Cornus and Media battls powerful adepts. In the first book, there was less, but Last battle of the icemark do believe that King something-that-starts-with-an-R-who-was-Therrin’s-dad was murdered The Icemark Chronicles always thrill me, and getting the chance to read this book made me so excited.

Although secondary characters, Ollie was still a disappointing death since he was in all books.