This command describes how you can use the nslookup command to perform DNS lookups in Linux. The NSLOOKUP command is used to query name servers so that you can locate information about network nodes, examine the contents of a name-server. D’autres commandes comme host et nslookup (déprécié) peuvent fournir, entre de bonnes mains, le même genre d’informations. Dig a l’avantage (ou.

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Query your DNS for information about the mail exchange server s for the domain computerhope.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Vommande behavior depends on the state of the following set subcommands: This output gives us the names of the four microsoft.

Linux nslookup command

You can see that we have received a ” Non-authoritative answer ” to our query. You should use host or dig instead.

Was this page useful? For instance, to find out what the IP address of microsoft.

The name of the option corresponds to the keyword of the set command. IT was really very helpful. Domain Name or Address: Read about this change in our blog post. This article provides few examples on using the nslookup command.

If for any reasons, the port number got changed, then we can specify the port number using -port option. The number 5, 10associated with the MX records tells the preference of mail server. You can set the time-out period with the set timeout subcommand. For instance, the command:. Lower the number, higher the preference. About nslookup nslookup syntax nslookup examples Related commands Linux and Unix commands help.


Or, omit both parameters and nslookup uses the default DNS name server. The query type is specified with the set querytype command.

10 Linux nslookup Command Examples for DNS Lookup

Error message Description timed out The server did not respond to a request after a certain amount of time and a certain number of retries. The information listed here is the cached version held by our domain name server.

SOA record start of authorityprovides the authoritative information about the commandf, the e-mail address of the domain admin, the domain serial number, etc…. Contact Us Email Me: Valid values for Class are as follows: Non-Interactive mode allows the user to query the information for a host or domain. The Domain Name System is a well-known service and has been allocated port Information about the current default server and host is also printed.

The interactive mode The interactive mode is entered by typing the nslookup command without any arguments: It is also used to troubleshoot DNS related problems. See below for a description of these keywords, commadne their available settings. Tank You very much for this wonderfull nslookupp


The only required field is the Domain Name or Address field and it is prefilled with the IP address from the row or bar-graph bar from which you issued the take action command. The value may be one of the following, in upper or lower case: Shaun Norris July 25, com,ande, At this prompt, you can type in a domain name or IP address to query your DNS for its basic information:. This indicates that microsoft.

Some of you might be comfortable using dig command for DNS lookups. Always use a virtual circuit when sending requests to the server. Following are some tips about working in interactive mode: The NSLOOKUP command is used to query name servers so that you command locate information about network nodes, examine the contents of a name-server database, or establish the accessibility of name servers.

To obtain all alias names for a host when using reverse query, you must set the d2 option. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Refused The DNS name server refused to service the request.