Kaltem Gibson – Telekinesis – Unleash Your Telekinetic Share? All prior licenses to the Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability: Three. Fundamentals. Does anyone have better information from this guy Kaltem Gibson? Im reading his book on By “TK” do you mean telekinesis? RobertPaulsim. WARNING: telekinesis.

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How awesome is that? The true power of telekinesis is being able to move things where you want them to go Not just being able to move them. There are 2 tricks to becoming unconsciously competent. The mind will produce the brainwave patterns, necessary for telekinesis use.

Instead, your mind is once again with thought loudness. Like any skill, the skill of telekinesis must be practiced or you will decrease in telekinetic ability.

Looking at the words, gives you the understanding of what they mean. Telekinesis should be treated as an added ability for the betterment of humanity.

Kaltem Gibson – Telekinesis – Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability.pdf

And like I said, this spans much further than just moving objects with your mind. Yet, the PSI vampire does not devour your energy. You will notice that the two oils are now separated.


See, the point we want to get to here is where you can communicate with yourself in a way where you will start taking more action in your life and start turning your dreams into reality. Edition 1 of 3 That sensation is usually felt when you are tired. Edition 1 of 3 The aura can be seen with eyesight and felt with the mind’s eye.

Well imagine if that table was another 10 feet longer and the glass of water was at the far end. Remain calm and let your positive PSI energy heal all discomfort. Edition 1 of 3 free gibsonn. Most people make the mistake of getting as far away from the object as possible. A bad aura is easy to recognize.

Remember, in order to influence an object, you are limited to workable energy. Remember that an object is difficult to calm when that object embeds negative PSI energy. There is a type of feeling that you will feel, and you know that the minority is upset.

Who is kaltem Gibson? (TK book), page 1

In this document, the author briefly explains many areas of ESP, such as, aura, focus, energy, force, and so on and so forth. The reason is that you may not be able to learn telekinesis from the same source of practice. However, a bit of tension suggests that you are not completely in focus. This is what I want you to realize, your mind is capable yelekinesis greatness and spans so much further and can do so much more when we work on using it and developing it.


This is similar to any other ability.

Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability

Remember, energy refers to a feeling. Edition 1 of 3 If you are unsure about your aura then do not read this document.

The author re-wrote many definitions to fix telekinesis discrepancies. PSI energy originates from your mind. Nevertheless, that careful observation of object behavior is not telekinetic utilization. Regardless of energy or matter, motion refers to that of discomfort. That energy stays at the crown chakras in the form of physical tension. Energy can feel good to you, or energy can feel bad.

Page 51 Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability: You may believe that you are the author and not the reader.