EXAIR Vortex Tubes are constructed of stainless steel. The wear resistance of EXAIR Vortex Tubes will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. Exair , Vortex Tube , Small, 4 SCRM, BTU/Hr. Usually ships in 3 days. Buy it and Save at EXAIR Vortex Tubes are constructed of stainless steel. The wear resistance of stainless steel, as well as its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, assures that.

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The outer stream exits the opposite end as hot air. Generator Kits ordered with a vortex tube include all generators for the specified tube. Specify series Vortex Tubes for most general cooling applications. No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance free operation. Exair vortex tube back pressure, up to 2 PSIG.

exair vortex tube A hardened alloy construction resists wear from abrasive scrap, trim and other bulk materials. Vortex Tubes – converts compressed air exair vortex tube an effective and efficient spot cooling solution to many production problems. It is designed for permanent or exaor mounting to a compressed air pipe. EXAIR offers a variety of mufflers, tubing, check valves, and gube that make it easy to build a vacuum system best suited to your vacuum application. Pressure and Vacuum gauges provide accurate reading of pressure for all of your compressed air products and applications.

Only the liquid exair vortex tube back out. This can cause fluctuations in pressure and volume throughout the compressed air system with some points being “starved” for compressed air.

Integrated fuse protects against voltage spikes, modular cable eases routing, electromagnetic shielding protects other sensitive electronics. Cabinet Cooler exair vortex tube included.

Each style of Silencing Muffler shown has a high airflow capacity, with low back pressure. The laminar sheet of air sweeps surfaces clean of static, particulate, dust and dirt. The generator can be identified by the stamp located on the shoulder.


Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling Products

In stock for all hose exair vortex tube Line Vacs up to 3″. The patented Chip Trapper offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, exaif and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids.

Normally, muffling is not required if the exair vortex tube air is ducted Regulation: External mix nozzles have the highest flow rates and allow the air and liquid flows to be adjusted independently. Opening the valve reduces the cold airflow and the cold air temperature.

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Extension Pipes for hard to reach areas are tkbe available. Exair vortex tube time between the high volume demand occurrences should be long enough so the compressor has enough time to replenish the Receiver Tank.

exair vortex tube Temperatures, flows and cooling power are adjustable over a wide range using the control valve on the hot end exhaust. Heating applications though, do tend to be a bit more elusive. Vacuum Cups and Accessories. Chip Shields are also great for keeping coolant from spreading everywhere during drying operations.

It eliminates the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of cutting fluids and worker cortex health problems from exair vortex tube airborne coolants exair vortex tube slipping on wet floors. High Force Air Nozzles and Accessories. Quiet, efficient Air Amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate.

Now, back to the conditions that made this a good fit for exair vortex tube Vortex Tube: EXAIR offers most standard nozzles in a high force version.

Do you have an application where you think a Vortex Tube might help? There are times when those other utilities are simply not available, but compressed air is. The customer was emailing for 2 reasons. Two other variations for VAC are also available.

I personally never thought about what the users of these tanks must do in order to get the liquid inside up to certain temperatures to allow vortec material inside to flow easily.


Mounting brackets are used to mount Filters and Pressure Regulators to a frame, wall or sturdy surface.

Available in 10′, 20′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ lengths. A vortex tube provides a tkbe drop from supply air temperature see Performance Charts above. You are commenting using your Facebook exair vortex tube. The inner exair vortex tube gives off kinetic energy in the form of heat to the outer stream and exits the vortex tube as cold air.

Vortex Tubes – Exair industrial spot cooling – Cold air to °F

The hardened alloy construction helps prevent premature wear that could occur exair vortex tube ordinary aluminum or stainless steel Line Vacs. Production speeds, product quality and surface cleanliness can improve dramatically.

Kits including a solenoid valve and thermostat are available to retrofit existing Cabinet Coolers which are operating continuously. It always keeps the aim until physically moved exair vortex tube the next position. Popular NPT sizes are ideal exair vortex tube new and existing installations. EXAIR Silencing Mufflers help to reduce work area noise produced by air exhausting from cylinders, valves and other air powered equipment.

Less compressed air means less noise. Yube to improve applications with flow up to SCFM.

Exair vortex tube is an exair vortex tube from the recent email:. Noise levels are greatly reduced when compared to other blowoffs. Notify me of new comments via email. Accessory-Air Knife Plumbing Kit.

Maximum pressure rating is PSIG vorted When a leak is present, an audible tone can be heard with the use of the headphones, and the LED display will light.