The Elcometer range of digital coating thickness gauges has been specifically designed to provide highly accurate, reliable and repeatable coating thickness. The Elcometer Coating Thickness. Gauge is an incredibly versatile gauge. With a range of probes in both Integral or Separate probe versions for coating. Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge. Operating Instructions. English. R. English Equipment described in these instructions is covered by the following.

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Press to exit menu or exit automatically when all 5 items have been entered. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab.

Switch the gauge on and pressthe symbol in the display will flash. Do not hesitate to contact Elcometer or your Elcometer supplier if you have any questions.

When the value in the display is correct, press to accept the new calibration or wait 7 seconds for the gauge to accept the calibration automatically. Find a reebok elcomefer trainer in United Kingdom on Gumtree, Press or for more than 4 seconds to adjust the display to the calibration foil value, When close to the correct reading, a few quick presses of or will step to the correct reading.

Press to add the statistic value to the list. The statistics are now set in this order. Consult your local Elcometer supplier. Order using sales part number TEST Statistics overflow, more than 9, readings have been taken. Then take a reading on the same bare substrate and adjust the gauge to read 10 m 0. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Elcometer IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge Pre-calibrated with 4 surface profiles, is designed to measure dry film thickness on shot or grit blasted substrates.

  LT1117 PDF

The new Elcometer Scan Probe. Husqvarna Chainsaw Service Manual Press and release once more.

Elcometer Manual

Place the probe on the bare metal, wait for a reading to be displayed. When switched on, the backlight comes on when a reading is taken and remains on for 3 seconds. To fit or replace batteries: The bleeper will sound to indicate acceptance of the new calibration. Elcometer Probe Range A range of versatile probes for the Elcometer coating thickness gauge.

The gauge will still function but new batteries are recommended. If you do stumble upon a link that isnt functioning, do tell us about that and we will try elcomefer answer you as fast as See To Recall The Factory Calibration on page 20 for a method to deliberately reset the factory calibration setting. When the batteries are exhausted, the gauge will beep three times and then switch off.

Users of the Elcometer may also benefit from the following Elcometer products: Battery life is reduced when using the back light. If the display is heated above eldometer F it may be damaged. Elcometer Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge The Elcometer coating thickness gauge accurately measures the thickness of coating on concrete and other substrates, non destructively.

A copy of this Instruction Manual is available for download on our Website via www.

Elcometer 345 NB Coating Thickness Gauge

No additional import charges on delivery. To view the next statistical value on the user list press.


Previous readings can not be deleted individually. Correct printer fault or press to cancel print function. To switch off, press and hold The gauge will switch off automatically after one minute of inactivity.


In addition, a number of symbols can appear on the display: Never drag the probe along the surface, as doing so will drastically reduce the life of the probe. Manual Holliday Detector Elcometer Documents. Place the elcomdter thin calibration foil onto elcoeter bare metal surface.

Dry Film Thickness can be measured on either magnetic steel surfaces or non-magnetic metal surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminium using a digital coating thickness gauge. Turning the backlight off will save battery power. To maximise the benefits of your new Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge please take some time to read these Operating Instructions. Press to cancel the error message.

Follow the instructions provided by the battery manufacturer when charging and disposing of rechargeable batteries. Press and hold or for more than 4 seconds to adjust this average to the foil value.

The warranty will be invalidated if the instrument has been opened.

With the gauge switched on, press. Unit reads on Ferrous surfaces from mils with the wired probe.