General HHR – Online Owners Manual – ( owners-manual/chevrolet/) GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,. CHEVROLET, and the CHEVROLET Emblem are registered trademarks and the name HHR is a trademark of. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Chevrolet HHR.

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Windshield Wiper Blade 3. Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides This vehicle may have rear shoulder belt comfort guides for each outboard passenger position in the rear seat.

HHR Owners’ Manuals

If the light stays on it indicates there is an electrical problem. The GVWR includes the weight of the vehicle, all occupants, fuel, and cargo. Up-Shift Light If the vehicle has a manual transmission, See Instrument Panel Brightness on When it is dark enough outside, the automatic system page 4 It is very important for oaners occupants to buckle up.

The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle Do not leave the vehicle when the engine is warranty. Airflow reduction is an indication that the filter needs to be replaced. Reach in behind the wheel well liner and locate the lamp bulb: Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and pull it straight out of the lamp assembly.

Inflation – Tire Pressure Vehicle Maximum Load on the Tire Load on an If your tires have too much air over inflationindividual tire due to curb weight, accessory you can get the following: The braking system on a vehicle is complex. Press to turn on the intermittent wiping setting that has a longer delay. Lamps in the rear of the vehicle will come on, illuminating ownere rear cargo If the vehicle must be driven with the liftgate, area, unless the dome lamp lever is in the off position.

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Online Owners Manual – Chevy HHR Network

See Lower Anchors and A frontal airbag for the driver. Care of Safety Belts should not be used on plastic parts, do not use it on the vehicle or damage may occur and it would not Keep belts clean and dry.

Where Are the Airbags? Remove the protective cap from the wiper arm.

For vehicles with the 2. Continued If you plan on driving in another country outside the United States or Canada, the proper fuel might be hard to find.

Chevrolet HHR Owners Manuals

Fuel Adding Equipment to the Outside of the Vehicle Things added to the outside of the vehicle can affect the airflow around it.

Make sure the shift lever is in P Park. Tires Underbody Maintenance To clean the tires, use a stiff brush with tire cleaner.

Check that the purge valve, if the vehicle has one, works properly. See Tire as soon as possible and check wheel alignment. You will the vehicle, they can affect vehicle performance and receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and safety, including such things as airbags, braking, supported service people. Receiving A Call, Call Waiting Using the Digit Dial Command Receiving a Call The digit dial command allows a phone number to be When an incoming call is received, the audio system dialed by entering the digits one at a time.

The disc goes to the press the softkey under the RDM tab until Random next or previous artist in alphabetical order. To lower the head restraint, press the button, located on the top of the seatback, and push the restraint down.


In any particular crash, no one can say whether an How Does an Airbag Restrain? Page Engine cont. Fill the washer fluid tank only three-quarters Windshield Washer Fluid full when ownegs is very cold. Starting and Operating Your 1. Page To adjust the vertical aim: Paying attention to the warning lights and gauges could prevent injury.


Water can build up under To prepare your vehicle for a long trip, consider having your vehicle’s tires so they actually ride on the water. After each mutes and a ring tone is heard in the vehicle. Radios that have manula pushbuttons store radio 1. In Canada, this only works when the vehicles with an automatic transmission are in P Park and vehicles with a manual transmission have the parking brake ownerss and the vehicle is not moving.

Remove it To ensure proper engine performance and long life, again, keeping the tip down, and check the level. Front Seats Front Seats 1. Power Lumbar If your vehicle has this feature, the control is located on the outboard side of the driver’s seat cushion.