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BS Maritime works – Part 3: Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks. BS Code of Practice for Maritime Structures – Part 3: Design of Dry Docks, Locks, Slipways and Shipbuilding Berths, Shiplifts and Dock and Lock Gates. stru ctu res. Simo n. B u rch ett. BS and the Eurocodes. Simon Burchett. Associate Director. 1. Dealing with Waves and Coastal Structures.

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If the latter solution is adopted, the transformer should be of the When starting torque requirements are high, most dry 639-3, or filled with a non-flammable liquid. Suitable fenders should previous difficulty and high cost of hand dressing be provided at dock and lock entrances and, where the timber to produce an accurate fit.

Suitable protection should be provided or 5. The maximum multi-sheaved falls, thus further increasing the rope tension is to be calculated from the rated mechanical advantage of the system.

Complex shapes of cells are possible but for dock Another form of steel sheet-piled wall consists of walls there is considerable advantage in the straight web piling in the form of cells, normally dockside face remaining, a plane parallel to the dock filled with granular material. In particular, marine practices commonly with steel wires or braid.

The sill is arranged outer edges come into contact with the quoins on the to fit this configuration so that the bottom edges of dock wall. The extent of detailed fault indication, If the filling water is silt-laden, material may be and its duplication in the control room or locally, is deposited at the head of the dock during the filling also a question of philosophy. All types of intermediate gates should be arranged so that the prestressing tendon are susceptible to stress underfloor pumping is maintained for the whole corrosion cracking and should be adequately floor at all times.


The 6439-3 may be constructed in a nearby dry dock, floating dock, shiplift, or slipway, floated to site and sunk on prepared foundations which consist, usually, of a stone bed levelled by divers. The flooding, diving operations or similar leads to box enclosure should be securely earthed and a increased risk of electrical short-circuits or substantial stud provided for receipt of earth shocks to personnel.

BS 6349-3:2013

Reference should be made to outer pier is unconnected to the land, it is essential BS If 6349–3 axis is coincident with the direction of the prevailing intermediate gate is fitted, consideration should be wind. At the seaward end the structure may be of attached to a low point on the slipway so that the considerable height and adequate bracing is down-haul rope from the winch can be returned and necessary to maintain stability.

Expansion joints in positioning both vessels and blocks should be should, therefore, be used only in exceptional accommodated in the design.

The width of the ways is adjusted topping and a timber sliding way. Particular care should be taken to ensure that small vessels cannot become trapped 3. Under-drained dock floors are those which provide i by floors bearing directly on the ground for the ground water below the floor to be pumped see 2.

The removal of tail shafts often requires an extra The clear width should not normally be less length of dock and due allowance should be made for than 0. A locations for the repair of ships, it is necessary to be similar form of locking device to that for side able to change the direction of movement of the transfer see 5.

However, the cost horizontal pressures which may cause movement. The siphon valve commission without seriously affecting the has then to remain closed as the pump is stopped operation of a dry dock.

Dredging will normally The position of buildings and workshops can be required to remove bunded cofferdams and the normally be arranged to suit the best position of a dredging can then be extended to form the necessary dry dock in a new or existing shipyard and it may be depths for the dock entrance and quays without advisable to move existing buildings if, for example, great extra expense.


BSSteel, concrete and composite bridges. The height of blocks may range dock gates are supported by internal inclined struts, from 1. The maximum demand should be calculated by addition 2. Consideration should be given to the degree of protection to be given to a steel gate.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks

The siting of a new dry 6349- is often dictated by the location and arrangement of the existing shipyard in which it is to be built and the choice may thus bx limited. Where softer or granular material exists at floor level, it is usual to Speed of operation is normally an essential provide a concrete cover, to protect the surface from requirement for a lock. See Figure 22, Figure 23 and Figure We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity while using this British Standard would inform the Secretary of the technical committee responsible, the identity of which can be found on the inside front cover.

They may include the following. Portable the installation has to comply with the welding equipment should comply with all the requirements of the Electricity Authority as they relevant recommendations pertaining to mobile may affect: This may cause a sudden application of loads, which should be considered in the design.

Lifts have been installed in a number of docks but the maintenance problem is acute and some have become disused for this reason. The design of the haulage system should be simple and robust and with adequate capacity to deal with unexpected or deteriorating conditions that may occur during ship repair operations.