Broken Verses [Kamila Shamsie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram. Broken Verses. By: Kamila Shamsie Media of Broken Verses. See larger image. Published: Format: Hardback. Edition: 1st. Extent: ISBN. Fourteen years ago Aasmaani’s mother Samina, a blazing beauty and fearless activist, walked out of her house and was never seen again. Aasmaani refuses to.

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I was a bit too busy to do a top reads of post at the end of last year, but if I’d done one, Kamila Shamsie’s latest, Home Fire, would have been right at the top. Some of it might have to do with the fact that we share a similar, ardent love for Karachi which in her case, is all too evident in her writing. Oct 28, Jennifer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Somehow I felt like an outsider looking at this story — never drawn into it, never bonding with the ch Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie This is a book I was reading for a group discussion but did not finish.

Ed’s immature behavior does not fit in with the importance and responsibilities of his job. There’s mystery and a love story and lots of day-to-day in a young woman’s life. Shamsie’s depiction of grief not yet dealt with is, I believe, spot on. And then, through them, Aasmina receives a mysterious letter. You see this impact through child’s perspective, and those of the former spouse, other family members and the community at large. It’s a private code that her mother and the Poet used to use when writing to each other.

The mini stories within were incredible Particularly the story of Iblis and Aadam p. The people she still has in her life, the ones who have always been there for her and tried so hard to pull her back out of her shell, are her father, stepmother, and sister. On the whole there is a calm air of acceptability and graciousness in the novel, where there is unexpectedly no tension between chracters that would have been there had the author followed conventional norms of how Pakistani society functions.


I loved the ending. Desperate love, politics, activism, bgoken and a contemporary Karachi lifeKamila Shamsie’s Broke My love for subcontinental authors stems from the fact that I have so much to relate with them. Kanila Shamsie was born in in Karachi, where she grew up. I enjoy reading all of that, but there’s a special pleasure in seeing your own lamila experience reflected.

I was pulled into Aasmani’s story, her complex character, her authentic voice, and the credibility of her emotional conflicts. But having loved Home Fire so much, I fancied something a bit closer to that experience, so I chose to start with the one that seemed more like it.

I was glad to finally finish it. I think these characters made the biggest impact on me. Fifteen years ago, Samina’s closest freind Shehnaz Saeed, darling of the theatre and the small screen, gave up her career for her son Ed. Aasmaani is thirty, single, drifting from job to job.

Broken Verses: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Apr 13, Laura rated vreses liked it Recommended to Laura by: Apr 28, Nakib Hoq rated it it was amazing. Merging the personal with the political, Broken Verses is at once a sharp, thrilling journey through modern-day Pakistan, a carefully coded mystery, and an intimate mother-daughter story that asks how we forgive a mother who leaves.

They are willing to rip kaamila their flesh to bare the soul and scrutinize it, and with that those of the readers’. My biggest qualm with this book is the plot and especially the ending of it which to be quite honest didn’t quite live up to the sensational writing that preceded it and almost promised a truly spectacular read.


Fourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram disappeared. As I was obligated to finish it for a seminar, I read it determinedly just so I could hurry bbroken and move on to something else.


I felt it was unnecessary and perhaps the story would’ve been stronger for having removed this whole interaction. The book starts out very strongly.

It’s not a hugely long list, but it’s satisfyingly substantial and there’s a fair bit of variety there. What a miracle that is.

Broken Verses

It may be why Home Fire is such a success- to me- because she follows the plot of Antigone fairly closely. So I will just readjust the rating to one star. So there go the letters Open Preview See a Problem? When she receives a cryptic letter, Shehnaz delivers it to Aasmaani knowing that Aasmaani’s mother and the Poet developed a secret code to communicate with each other.

When they left kamilq she stoppped trying to use her mind and found a rut to sink into, barely living at all. Overall, a promising premise let down by shoddy plot development.

Every phrase of Shamsie is something I keep going back to, pondering over and falling in love with. Sixteen years ago, the Poet, subversive and brilliant, love of Samina’s life, was found mysteriously murdered. And they were always there.