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If every single length is actuated by its own gear, you will be able to program each of them individually. LINKLink was brarbeitspltze out of the desire to create a chair with gentle curved comfort but without the need to use the 3D wood bending technique. Die Kraft des Designs sitzt in der Funktionalitt. Perfect for break areas in offices, lounges, coffee rooms and cafs.

Because sometimes you just have to In Nomon Handwerksbetriebe, produzieren wir unsere Uhren, mit der Kombination aus innovativen und bildschirj Verfahren. Therefore, this system offers maximum flexibility by Lindner and freedom.

Orgatec New Products 2012

Das flieende Design wird durch Kombination von zwei Holzoberflchen mit ausladender Biegung und verschiedenem Radius verstrkt, die zusammen eine Verbundplatte mit durchgehender Maserung ergeben.

Central storage that you may Bruynzeels mobile, raumsparende Lsungen passen shape in the desired manner. Darauf schwebt der Sitz in geradlinigen oder geschwungenen Formen.

In an age where work is not only done in the office, can. Mit lediglich 80 Watt leuchtet sie zwei Broarbeitspltze aus. Modern automobile technology in office furnitureThis is a first in offices: GM SHOWCASEFine ujd, innovative product highlights, precious antique objects or your own treasures they all deserve an exclusive frame that duly draws attention to their material and sentimental value.

Diese verwandelt broarbeitspltzd punktfrmige Undd von LEDs in ein homogenes Flchenlicht und steigert gleichzeitig die Effizienz.

Die Formate sind individuell whlbar; auf Wunsch werden auch Motive aus dem Repertoire des Kunden aufgelegt. Concept C is designed around a striking concrete broarbeitspltzd, a material associated with stability, yet here the result is light and elegant.


We offer our products in a variety of different woods but rosewood is still our best selling with its beautiful grain and finish.

MO-X always offers a suitable solution at a compatible price level. Ihr modularer Aufbau erlaubt der xoolum auch den Einsatz als Vitrinen und Unterschrankbeleuchtung.

Jedes Brett ist einzigartig und wie das Holz danach arbeiten wird ist nicht vorhersehbar. It is suitable for a wide range of places such as the home, the office and public spaces. The chair sets a new recycling broaarbeitspltze in the furniture industry and is also representative of Japanese high technology.

ViewLite Monitor ArmThe ViewLite monitor arm range was created by combining simplicity and attention to detail in one sustainable concept. The meticulous attention that nomon pays to every detail and the delicate processes applied to obtain the required clock finishing, turn nomon clocks into broarbeitepltze for our homes and work spaces. They disrupt the micro-organisms essential functions bildscirm that no further cell division can take place.

Durchdachte Produktdetails wie besonders groe ffnungswinkel oder sttzende Querbalken erhhen den Bedienkomfort.

Orgatec New Products – [PDF Document]

Nagoya, Aichi Japan s-ito axona-aichi. Sie sind die Gegenstze, die sich anziehen. It measures mm in diameter and mm in height. Corian is a powerful homogeneous sowie einen separaten DSP-Audioprozessor zur composite material. This way, the classic lines are sensibly expanded for room-high applications. Interactive TableThe Interactive Table System has been developed to be integrated into any conference space conception- without interfering electrical installation and damaging natural table surface.

Its various elements combine to give a convincing product and they offer new possibilities of a demanding corporate design. Metallic-like embossed textures, visual effects in brushed aluminium, filigree lines which seem to be lasered into the wallpaper. The products outstanding acoustic properties combine the advantages of open space offices with the acoustic benefits of single offices.


Damit wird insgesamt ein ideales Wohlfhlklima erzeugt. Wann immer Sie wollen, berall auf der Welt. People and their environment are at the heart of everything the company does. Paired with laser-edged wooden materials and useful, optional extensions in terms of networking, cable Gepaart mit laserbekanteten Holzwerkstoffen und management and ergonomics, CREW becomes the sinnvollen, optionalen Ergnzungen im Bereich complete solution for your office team.

In addition, the digital prints by Architects Paper are flame-retardant, light fast, washable, and completely dry-strippable. With its origin in a simple and classic idiom, String was created with a tight graphical and architectonic webbed structure which easily finds a niche in the majority of design concepts, whatever the current trends.

Ideal for waiting and resting areas ad well ad for meetings. A relief for allergy sufferers! Archivierung, die Sie nach Wunsch gestalten knnen. The timeless LC desk has been a design classic for years, yet still adds a refreshing design element to any space. Zudem sind alle Wandbilder in individuellen Gren und auf vier verschiedenen Tapetenqualitten erhltlich. As far back as 30 years ago, this bold and daring design made quite an impact, with Sley scooping the Broarbeitwpltze Award in the US as well as two Good Design Awards in Japan, winning the title Furniture of the Yearand not forgetting the design award of Bggi Stuttgart.

Standalone ibldschirm have been designed if personal storage is required. For this reason, you achieve ideal sound absorption in a multi-person office in particular using Dank des neuartigen transparenten und the transparent acoustic curtains WeavePerf.