CED Gabay. II. CONCEPTS IN ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING. 1. Role of Measurement and Assessment in teaching De Guzman Santos Rosita, et. ADVANCED METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 2. Rosita De Guzman-Santos, Ph.D. These approaches are classified below (source: Rosita de Guzman-Santos, ): . 1. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate.

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Are there any problems related to learning? While effective at measuring content knowledge, standardized tests do not measure students’ skills or ability to perform higher level thinking. They can be used to evaluate reasoning, products, and skills that can be observed and judged using specific criteria.

This can give detailed information about the dynamic operations of complex programs. The are quasi-evaluation because particular studies legitimately can focus only on questions of knowledge without addressing any questions of value.

Performance based assessment provides teachers with information about how a student understands and applies knowledge. Public relations studies or information is used to paint a positive image of an object regardless of the actual situation.

The above-mentioned evaluation guiding principles can be used in various levels: Product Is there one final guzman-santoos at the end or several during the course?

educational assessment

Some of the more common methods are listed below: Accountability is popular with constituents because it is intended to provide an accurate accounting of results that can improve the quality of products and services. What are the living conditions of students? However, this responsive approach can lead to low external credibility and a favorable bias toward those who participated in the study.


Practicality and Efficiency – Teachers should be familiar with the test, – does not require too much time – implementable e. What are the learning skills of students? Authentic assessments are new to most students.

Is there any informal assessment? How is the course organized? Reliability — consistency, dependability, stability which can be estimated by – Split-half method – Calculated using the i.

Assessment of Learning 2

Evaluation approaches are the various conceptual arrangements made for designing and actually conducting the evaluation process. This helps ensure a balanced presentation of different leaening on the issues, but also likely to discourage later cooperation and heighten animosities between contesting parties if “winners” and “losers” emerge. These studies help people understand the activities and values involved from a variety of perspectives. Context What is the relation of the course to other courses?

What is the students’ existing knowledge? Process What is the workload of students? These studies help people understand the activities and values rksita from a variety of perspoectves.

Authentic assessment can be successfully used with students of varying cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and academic ability. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate and dependable only if what are to be achieved are clearly stated and feasible. Students assume an active role in the assessment process.

This approach is considered a quasi-evaluation as it is not based on value judgment, only based on knowledge, thus not true evaluation. Furthermore, it is used to characterize and appraise subjects of interest in a wide range of human enterprises.

Is there an effective 2-way communications? Instead, there are m,any ways in which they can be answered. Has the teachers’ reputation improved or been ruined as a result? Evaluators respect the security, dignity and self-worth of the respondents, program participants, clients and other stakeholders with whom they interact. Product Rating Scales – Used to rate products like book reports, maps, charts, diagrams, notebooks, creative endeavors – Need to be developed to assess various products over the years c.


Should courses be integrated or separate? Copy of an abstract relating to a research conducted on authentic assessment either in basic or higher fuzman-santos.

Portfolio Assessment doc | Lizlie Laosinguan –

Specific assignments or tasks to be evaluated and the assessment criteria need to be clearly identified at the start. These are highly respected collection of disciplined inquiry approaches. What are the critical or important external factors?

Possible harm to the participants. Oral Questioning — appropriate assessment method when the objectives are to: First, it defines for the student and the teacher what the assessmment of the task are. Try to keep it simple, allowing students to do as much of the work as feasible. Inthe distinguished educator Ralph Tyler proposed an “enlarged concept of student evaluation,” encompassing other approaches besides tests and quizzes.

Examples of learning that can be measured well using a performance based assessment include: Evaluation is methodologically diverse using both qualitative and quantitative methods, including case studies, survey research, statistical analysis and model building among other.