I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a. indicator lit up, ~ou are in the servo frame rate setup -menu. sensitivity of GP gyro, high speed di~ital servos such as Align OS , Futaba S The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on.

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The rudder stick is then used to select the amount of delay in either mode to compensate for slower servos.

Last edited by Steph; Nov 03, at Now that i read it, it doesn’t seem hard at all to program. At 6 volts the DS is mabual fast as the S at 0. Nov 08, Is it worth adding to your fleet?

For this example, the Align DS servo does no?? DS is the factory default setting. Nice setup log by the way. Below is the walk through of an example setup. There is also an imbedded setting for the size of helicopter used. This example shows how the Algn GP is programmed and how intuitive it is. The Align GP gyro is now certainly one of the best, but lucky for us average Joe fliers on g750 budget, far from the most expensive.


Align GP Gyro Review

The remaining settings are all done the same way. Basically if it is a class or smaller heli you select small, anything larger than a class, select large.

Oct 31, Txs for yr support. Similar to other gyros, when it is powered up, the LED will flash rapidly indicating initialization is in progress. Nov 10, Call it whatever you like; bottom line is it can hold its own against any of the big gyro names out there.

I noticed the caption for the last picture was truncated. Or is it like a which sets overall servo travel? Dec 13, Yes it is certainly capable of the most demanding 3D performance, but as I said, the holding ability, zero drift, easy programming, and versatility is something every heli pilot no matter what your skill level will appreciate flight after flight. Move the rudder stick until the tail pitch slider reaches the end.

It’s going to be paired with a Futaba S servo.

Originally Posted by rightflyer Thanks for the post. I had to take a look at the much talked about gear set in this servo. Obviously changing the rudder ATV endpoints makes no difference. My most popular eBook! Dec 12, Nov 17, This is not to say the GY is bad, the Align GP gyro is just better with sophisticated programming and weighing in at half the weight.


This puts the most amount of torque down in least amount of time. In order to take advantage of its capabilities, correct options must be set according to the specific application.

RC Helicopter Align GP 750 Gyro

Make me an offer! Somebody told me it has independent limit setting, although I have not had the need to use it on my T-Rex yet. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Thanks, Joe Never mind I got it Thanks alkgn.

Digital frame rates setting? Not a big deal seeing that the Trex ESP Superior Combo kit includes a 5V regulator, but once again, if you can save some weight and a couple connectors, why not? Marilyn already had everything packed up, but as usual, ailgn most accommodating with the last minute change.

Oct 03, If so, my in depth review should help you decide before throwing your money down. Mine only comes back a fraction. This thread is privately moderated by Stephwho may elect to delete unwanted replies.