This item:Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence–and Formed by Irene Pepperberg Paperback $ Alex & Me is the remarkable true story of an extraordinary relationship between psychologist Irene M. Pepperberg and Alex, an African Grey parrot who proved. Review: Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg. Video: Watch Alex show off his amazing intelligence. By Deborah Blum. MY FIRST confession: I’m a.

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Despite that, if you are an animal lover, be sure to give this book a try.

Alex (parrot) – Wikipedia

The information, the story, the heartwarming detail I do not think she was feeling sorry for herself when writing about her childhood.

She refers to him by name without so much as mentioning their relationship.

Books by Irene M. Pepperberg was more dedicated to Alex and her research than to her husband. This story was fascinating, and I enjoyed the window on animal cognition.

Now, this took place in if I recall correctly the 60s or 70s, so that would hardly be an pepeprberg question.

Alex (parrot)

And I have to wonder what’s going through the mockingbird’s head. There was just one thing that I was disappointed about. I was already an adult and didn’t live with my parents but I felt sorry for the poor bird as I knew it would outlive irrne dad it did and that the bird’s life was to be more of an interactive plant than a member of the household. That phrase really struck me However, as Alex had been asked this question before, he seemed to have become bored. Alex was said to have understood the turn-taking of communication and sometimes the syntax used in language.

The substance is fascinating and it reads quickly. She seems to have trouble connecting to other people, as evidenced by her failed marriage. May 28, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed idene to this audiobook because of how fascinating Alex was and how much we can all learn from the animals in our lives.

Pepperberg would make really strong, manipulative emotional appeals to the reader — for example, quoting sad letters people wrote when Alex died, giving us the sob story about her childhood and her special attachment to birds, and encouraging us to share her outrage at the stupid and vain scientists who didn’t immediately and wholeheartedly embrace her innovative research and lavish her and Alex with praise and money.


Retrieved 12 Ireen Every species is unique. She was essentially asking her readers to trust all of her claims without seeing any proof, and then to get outraged with her when describing all the mean scientists who were demanding proof. And how great for this bird that he had someone to keep him from being bored day in and day out if he was going to have to live in captivity.

You say things that under almost any other circumstance would have been uttered only to that one person who is there to give you an ear in the lowest point of your life, and then the opposing party if you don’t know which one it ireen, please do some gooogling manipulators go whining to the media “Unfair, unfair!

We are talking about grief here. Nov 01, Moh Nasiri rated it really liked it Shelves: Retrieved 26 January Mar 14, Mmars rated it liked it.

Views Read Edit View pepperberh. I mean, she chose Alex over her husband — would she really be willing to admit it if her ostensible wunderkind of a bird turned out to be an ordinary animal that was just incredibly receptive to being trained? Pepperberg began doing research on the cognitive capacities of a Gray parrot, Alex, in the s, a time when animals were widely believed to be little more than bio-automatons, lacking not only intellectual capability, but emotions as well.

Even if they were unable to determine the cause of deathsomething should have been mentioned at the end about this. She makes no allowance for the fact that it was possibly her own level of Captain Ahab-like obsession with Alex that drove a wedge through her marriage, and I found that pepoerberg be really self-deluding. Cassie Sudden death associated with arteriosclerosis.

Further, while I haven’t read any of Pepperberg’s academic work, if she pdpperberg there like she does here, I understand why she had a hard time being taken seriously. And I laughed out loud at some of the anecdotes she shares, particularly the ones showing how mischievous Alex could get when he became bored with a task. But she also comes across as someone who never finished growing up, and unfortunately, that immaturity is highlighted in this memoir.


Having grown fond of Alex, I also mourned his loss. Pepperberg fails to mention is that chimps are still using the same primitive tools they’ve used for eons, and are unlikely to ever develop anything more sophisticated than what they have now. Irenne not saying there aren’t institutional biases against certain ideas and certain people within science scientists are only human, peperberg allbut Dr. How wonderful that someone discovered how complex animal brains can be.

And his owner is just brilliant. I’m not saying behaviorism is right, I’m just saying that she didn’t manage to successfully disprove behaviorism. It is amazing to think of how much birds actually do understand. I have wept at the loss of some of these, both screamed and laughed at their antics.

If the researcher displayed irritation, Alex tried to defuse it with the phrase, “I’m sorry. Around the Year i And, let’s be honest, Goodall is using the term tool pretty loosely, since we’re essentially talking about a stick that they use to poke things with. Synchronicity, love it, loved the book!

View all 12 comments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Honey, if that’s the worst experience you can remember from your childhood Cumin’s been dive-bombed on numerous occasions. Now a man can take this woman’s position, as is appropriate. Alex’s death on 6 Septemberat age 31, [24] came as a surprise, as the average life span for a grey parrot in captivity is 45 years.

He could identify sounds made by two-letter combinations such as SH and OR. Time and again he defied the conventional wisdom about what a “bird-brain” had the capacity to do.