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Replacement:** None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Microchip’s 16FA 28 Pin 8-Bit Processor. The PIC 16FA/P from Microchip is small, powerful, inexpensive. Microchip PIC controller — high-performance RISC CPU Microchip supports the entire performance range from 8-bit, bit and bit microcontrollers with a.

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Need help choosing a battery [ Beginners ] 5. Is it really intelligent? Problems of compatibility between 16FA and 16F Time makes had realized to firmware for 16FA with clock to 20MHz, that it works very well, now me has arrived a supply of 16F, but the same one firmware gives me of the problems, to the pic is connected a display on the PORTB and this works very well, PORTC from bit0 to 3 is connects you of the push-buttons and from 4 to 7 they are of output, is just PORTC to create these problems, example: Learning while building a cheap and precise robotic arm [ Robots ] 4.

Exoskeletons [ Projects Showcase ] 3. The PIC cannot, technically, drive all outputs at full 25mA at the same time, there is an overall current limit for each port actually mA source or sink for all ports combined.

Thanks to sagor1 and Eric for info and advice. 16ff876a program some and of the 4 escapes work some only 2 and the others 16f87a remain 16f86a program an other and the escapes work well but they 16f876 the incomes not to work C’ is way to make compatible firmware with the 16F?

16g876a is a 30kHz receiver chip. Steve another Steve lol Fortune teller aracde machine similar to zoltar [ Let’s Make Robots ] 9. How to build a Claude Shannon juggling machine [ Tutorials ] 7. I want to use 4 functions by a single switch. Does sound like you haven’t configured the ports correctly in you code. I suspect your code doesn’t even compile for the PIC you are using.


Why does my PIC32 1f876a slower than expected?

Problem with PIC 16F876A

Mine were samples from M’Chip, were yours samples as well Maurizio? And of course the Oshonsoft simulator showed all the outputs high ON.

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Teiu 116f876a 2DOF quadruped robot [ Robots ] 3. Started by chemelec Today at 4: So, now armed with fresh knowledge from you guys, there’s some hope that by the end of the day I’ll have a LED flashing. But if it isn’t generally available, well c’est la vie, and many, many thanks again.

Also you aren’t using a driver transistor for the IR LED so your transmitted optical power must be pretty low. Minitaur like micro quadruped robot [ Robots ] 6. I’m hugely relieved and grateful to you for your help.

Sorry, should have said LED with series resistor connected between pin 22 and earth 16f876s. I had been thinking that like some smaller chips, the MCLR pin was configurable as an output, which my code would have catered for.

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This all came about from my interest in learning how to use I2C communication, and I needed a micro equipped with the “MSSP” module enabling this protocol to be used. It appears as if it automatically generates the numeric code 3F3A corresponding with the bit setup chosen, and looks extremely useful. The time now is So far this morning I’ve managed to destroy two perfectly good ‘s.


User Control Panel Log out. Thank you both Eric and Sagor1 for all your help, I’ve learned a lot today. Multiple functions by a single switch. Hi, How can I use multiple function by a single switch. Multiple functions by a single switch By: I don’t much like the look of your transmit routine as it is using software delays rather than counting Timer 2 interrupts which are synchronous to the 38KHz nominal PWM pulses. Ok, I think the ms is a bit short.

The 16f876q say you are using the NEC protocol. Need small-scale problem that 16r876a can help solve [ Project Ideas ] 6.

PIC 16FA/P :: Solarbotics

This is a little worrying, how manyy PIC’s are out there that are defective? I then modified the code to switch all outputs low. Not sure if this is permissible for this chip, but as a dabbler I haven’t much of a clue what I’m doing really.

You must log in or register to reply here. External RC mode is very inaccurate and is only good up to about 4MHz. I am able to transmit signal from transmitter and receive it at receiver to just on-off functionality. As sagor1 states,, physical crystal is required. Need help with a remote controlled, square-inch sized robot [ Project Ideas ] 3.

Now I’m getting intermittent results which I’m trying to sort out. Archimedes Trammel Motorized [ Tutorials ] 6. Capteur de charge [ Let’s Make Robots ] 4.

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